I made my own side table using $2 Ikea bowls – I was stunned by the finished result | The Sun

I made my own side table using $2 Ikea bowls – I was stunned by the finished result | The Sun


WHEN an Ikea customer left the store with serving bowls and a wooden tray, no one could have predicted what she'd use the purchases for.

Once she arrived home, the savvy shopper transformed the inexpensive supplies into a gorgeous piece of decor.

German influencer Coco has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, where she posts under the handle KleinstadtCoco.

She recorded a recent trip to Ikea, where she bought the unexpected items that composed her piece of furniture.

"I'll show you a simple Ikea hack," Coco said in a computer-read voiceover. "You need the Trygg Ikea serving bowl."

Check your store to see if the Trygg serving bowl is available –it may vary by location – but you can use any Ikea bowls as long as they're five inches high.


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Coco bought four of the glass bowls and also picked up a wooden tray while at the store.

Once she got home, the influencer spray-painted the glass bowls white and let them dry.

"Glue the serving bowls all together on top of each other," Coco said, showing herself using a strong-hold adhesive.

The blogger made "bowtie" shapes of the bowls, gluing them end-to-end and front-to-front in an alternating pattern.

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Then, she used the same glue to secure the wooden tray in place at the top of the "stack" of bowls, where it acted as the tabletop surface.

"Let everything dry well and the side table is ready," Coco said, showing off the finished product.

In a comment, Coco said she spent 17.99 Euro on the entire project, which comes out to around $17.86 in USD.

It's an affordable DIY, and you could adjust the height of the table based on how many bowls you use.

You won't break the budget with the Trygg bowls, either. "They are $2 each," one commenter pointed out.

The glass bowls are heavy enough to be sturdy, but a few commenters questioned the table's durability.

One person suggested using Ikea's stainless-steel bowls, in the same size and shape, for a similar look with less chance of breaking.

Of course, a few wary commenters decided to skip the DIY altogether, still unconvinced of the table's structural integrity.

"My kids would wreck that in seconds," a mom wrote in the comments.

Another person worried about damaging the table herself. "My anxiety could never," she wrote.

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