I ended up in A&E after wiping out on the dancefloor at my dream wedding in front of my 100 guests

I ended up in A&E after wiping out on the dancefloor at my dream wedding in front of my 100 guests


YOUR wedding is supposed to be the most important day of your life – so it's only natural that brides want everyone's focus to be on them.

But unfortunately for one newlywed, she was the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons when she wiped out on the dance floor during her reception.

Sharing her wedding horror story on TikTok, American bride Nicole Spinder revealed how her big day started out just like how she'd always dreamed it would.

After exchanging their vows, Nicole and her new husband had an outdoor wedding photoshoot which looked like something straight out of fairytale.

Once all the formalities were done, the bride felt like she could let her hair down at the reception and didn't think twice when the guests picked up the chair she was sitting on.

But rather than holding on as they rocked the chair to the music, Nicole had her arms in the air – and unsurprisingly, went crashing to the floor shortly after in front of her 100 guestd.

Nicole was then rushed to hospital where an emergency X-ray revealed she'd broken her foot.

Challenging other TikTok users to top her story, Nicole captioned the video: "Was YOUR wedding this eventful?"

The video has racked up over 8,000 "likes" and comments from people sharing their own wedding horror stories.

One replied: "My mother-in-law broke her arm tripping over her heels at our wedding."

Another added: "I dislocated my elbow at my reception! You looked beautiful!"

A third wrote: "Slipped on a beer at my wedding and broke my wrists…"

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