Bride’s mother under fire over controversial outfit for daughter’s wedding

Bride’s mother under fire over controversial outfit for daughter’s wedding


When it comes to weddings, we all know that anyone but the bride wearing white on the big day isn't considered appropriate.

But clearly one woman didn't get the memo about this tradition – and that woman just so happens to be mother of the bride.

A concerned daughter has taken to Reddit to ask people if her mother's choice of outfit for her wedding is "too bridal" as she's unsure.

The outfit in question features a white top and floaty taffeta skirt, with a black and pink floral design.

People on the wedding thread were quick to tell the bride that her mum should wear something else on the big day.

One user commented: "That would be too bridal for me. It's a mixture of the volume of white and the taffeta layer which takes it into the bridal territory.

"Someone posted earlier a white wrap dress, which was completely covered in a floral pattern and that seemed fine to me because there wasn't the same overwhelming white effect."

Another user agreed, saying: "It's a very white, formal dress. I can see a low-key bride definitely wearing this to a courthouse ceremony.

"You may be fine with it, but a lot of your other guests would probably side-eye, form opinions or gossip without knowing you gave the okay. I just don't see any good coming from wearing white to a wedding for anyone."

A third, also a bride-to-be, added that it definitely was "too bridal" as she planned on wearing the exact same skirt to her bridal shower.

Instead she suggested that the mum perhaps pick another top to wear with it, or a different skirt as a "compromise."

A fourth simply stated: "If you have to ask if it's inappropriate, then it's inappropriate."

Ultimately, the bride herself decided she didn't have a problem with her mother wearing whatever made her feel good on the day.

She added: "I ended up telling her that it wasn't my first choice, but that if she felt comfortable in it and felt pretty that was all I cared about. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I was kinda worried for selfish reasons.

"All that matters is at the end of the day, I'll be married to my love, so I told her today that I'm fine with her wearing the outfit and happy for her. If my mom gets to wear a dress that makes her happy win-win."

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