Wow, the Bella Thorne/Mod Sun Breakup Drama Just Got Even Messier

Wow, the Bella Thorne/Mod Sun Breakup Drama Just Got Even Messier


I hope you’d like some breakup drama with your Sunday routine, cause I’m here with an update about the messy split that is Bella Thorne’s breakup from rapper Mod Sun.

Last month, things were already, er, not great between the two of them and they got into a public Twitter fight about the aftermath of their relationship. Mod Sun also implied that Bella cheated on him (he said, “I was faithful, but I’m not going to speak for her”), Bella accused Mod of leveraging their breakup for publicity, and it also sounds like they both still have each other’s stuff, because Bella tweeted that Mod called the cops on her when she tried to get back her computer, which…woof.

And just in case that wasn’t enough drama for you, Bella is also now saying that Mod still has her computer, WALLET, and PASSPORT, and that she’s had to miss out on work opportunities because of the situation.

Bella went on The Jenny McCarthy Show earlier this week, and when anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy asked Bella, “How did you get your shit out of his place?” Bella replied, “Yeah…that’s a long one,” and then went on to detail all of the stuff that’s still at Mod’s place:

HOWEVER, Mod told TMZ that Bella actually does have her computer—she got it the day after they broke up—and he tried to be as helpful as he could be about the passport situation. He said that Bella called him two months after they broke up saying that she needed her passport in two hours, but he wasn’t in town and couldn’t go through the house himself. He claims that he let someone come look through the house anyway, and the next day when someone on his team looked through the place again, they found the passport in a safe. Mod also added that his team has been trying to get someone from her team to come get the passport, but no one has gotten back to him about (lol). Oh, and he also said that Bella has some v expensive sweaters of his that he’d like back.

Sooo…I’m guessing we’ll be hearing more about this passport situation on Twitter later this week!

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