Vanessa Feltz admits faking orgasms before split from cheating ex Ben

Vanessa Feltz admits faking orgasms before split from cheating ex Ben


Vanessa Feltz gives update after Ben Ofoedu split

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Vanessa Feltz announced she had split from her partner of 16 years, Ben Ofoedu, over his infidelity that has left her heartbroken. Prior to their split, the This Morning star talked about being intimate in the bedroom.

Speaking on the Grazia Life Advice podcast, while she was still with Ben, she went on to explain that it’s “rude” not to fake it if your partner is “trying every trick in the book”.

Revealing the worst advice she’d ever been given she told the podcast before her split: “Experts say if you fake an orgasm, how will your lover/partner ever really know what you like? So they’ll never do it.

“I think that is the worst advice because sometimes it is just rude not to fake it.

“Sometimes your partner is trying every trick in the book. They have been twiddling and licking and flicking. They’re absolutely 10/10 for effort.”

She added: “I’m not saying do it every time but on those occasions – when you’re not concentrating and thinking about defrosting the freezer and are never going to get there – you’ve got to fake it, it’s only polite.

“Everyone saves face and no one’s embarrassed or ashamed.”

Vanessa has since opened up about the support she has received from people after announcing her split.

Writing on her 61st birthday in her Yours magazine column, she said: “I’ve been showered with support and virtually hugged by thousands of lovely strangers.

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