‘Pain is f***ing relentless!’ Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily speaks out on health woes

‘Pain is f***ing relentless!’ Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily speaks out on health woes


Emily Clarkson distracted by cat-callers on the street

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Pain is f***ing relentless!

Emily Clarkson

“It’s swelling on this side,” her caption read as she clasped the area of skin in her hand, before adding: “And just hurting so much.

“I also have a bit of bruising along my jawline on the right side?”

Emily previously revealed that she broke her jaw during the pandemic and required surgery to reset it, perhaps explaining why it has again begun to hurt.

The 27-year-old had suffered a catalogue of unfortunate health disasters in that region of her face, including a burst sinus wall and a damaged tooth, which she jokingly branded a “corpse”, before it required root canal surgery.

However it seems that, regrettably, her ailments aren’t completely in the past.

She admitted today that she is deterred by the prospect of even going to the gym or taking a morning walk, because the slightest aerobic moment is likely to cause a “flare-up”.

“I wish I knew what I could do to help, or who can help with this stuff,” she lamented, before laughing at how “niche” it was.

Flashing a glimpse of her crimson coloured finger nails as she held her face and rolled her eyes back, the social media influencer confessed the pain was “f***ing relentless”.

“You can’t just, like, not use [your face] for a bit,” she joked.

“It’s always there lol.”

Emily did not specify what had been causing her pain in the post initially.

However, she was in higher spirits after a call to her surgeon, thanking her 227,000 followers for their kindness.

“I have messaged the surgeon, ordered a heat pack and a neck warmer snood type thing,” she updated.

“Also heard from loads of you who have metal in your bodies to say you feel the same or that it got better after a couple of years, so yay for that.”

She referred to her condition as “TMJ pain”, in reference to the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jaw bone to the skull.

Experts say that TMJ disorders can cause pain in the jaw joint and in the muscles that control its movement, but there is no news as yet from Emily over whether she officially has such a condition, following the accident that broke her jaw.

However, she did tell her followers of her intentions to get medical Botox around the jaw, using a neurotoxin normally used to prevent wrinkles by reducing movement in the area.

“I had it before which really helped me with my TMJ pain before and after the surgery so it might help with this too!” she added hopefully.

Meanwhile Emily has been distracting herself by indulging in her obsession for Billy Joel’s music on Spotify, saying she’d been “busted” on her guilty pleasure.

Emma Styles wrote back to assure her she wasn’t alone, joking in solidarity: “I was in the top 5% of Olivia Rodrigo listeners, send help!”

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