Josh Duggar's Sentencing: What Is Josh Duggar's Age When He Leaves Prison?

Josh Duggar's Sentencing: What Is Josh Duggar's Age When He Leaves Prison?


Josh Duggar’s sentencing is finally complete, and Duggar family followers know how long he’ll go to prison over his child sexual abuse material charges. With over a decade to serve in prison, what will Josh Duggar’s age be upon release? Here’s everything to know about his sentence and age.

Josh Duggar’s sentencing was on May 25, 2022

Josh Duggar’s sentencing was completed on May 25, 2022. The trial for Josh receiving and downloading child sexual abuse material concluded in December 2021. After Josh’s legal team requested a sentencing delay and a new trial, the sentencing finally occurred. Judge Timothy L. Brooks sentenced Josh to about 12.5 years, or 151 months, in prison.

According to KNWA Fox24, Josh has additional “special conditions” he must follow after his release. He cannot have any unsupervised contact with minors following his prison stint, and Josh must also “proceed with caution” when attending events with minors present. “Attending any such place, function, or event” with minors needs approval from the U.S. Probation Office beforehand.

Additionally, Josh must purchase internet-monitoring software on his “approved” devices. He also cannot “possess, use, or have access to a computer or any other electronic device that has Internet or photograph storage capabilities” without approval from the probation office. He may also “be required to submit to periodic polygraph testing” to “ensure that he is in compliance with the requirements ….”

What will Josh Duggar’s age be when he leaves prison?

Now that Josh Duggar’s sentencing has been announced, what will Josh Duggar’s age be when he leaves prison?

Josh Duggar turned 34 years old on March 3, 1988. In 12.5 years, he will be 46 years old. KNWA Fox24 notes Josh’s supervised release will last 20 years after that, too. By the time Josh’s supervised release ends, he’ll be 66 years old.

The prosecution hoped Josh would receive a maximum sentence of 20 years. But the defense hoped for just five years. A 20-year sentence would’ve put Josh at 54 years old upon his release from prison and 74 years old after his supervised release ended. A five-year sentence would’ve allowed Josh to end his time in prison prior to turning 40 years old.

What will Josh Duggar’s children’s ages be when he leaves prison?

Josh Duggar will age quite a lot in prison. And so will his kids. How old will Josh Duggar’s children be once he’s released?

He and wife Anna Duggar’s oldest child, Mackynzie, is currently 12, In Touch reports. Michael, their oldest son, is 10. Next, Marcus is 8, Meredith is 6, Mason is 4, Maryella is 3, and Madyson is 6 months.

Once Josh Duggar leaves prison, Mackynzie will be 24, Michael will be 22, Marcus will be 20, Meredith will be 18, Mason will be 16, Maryella will be 15, and Madyson will be 13.

How to get help: If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741 for free and confidential support.

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