Jennifer Aydin BETRAYED by Teresa Giudice as Margaret Josephs Sows Cheating Rumors

Jennifer Aydin BETRAYED by Teresa Giudice as Margaret Josephs Sows Cheating Rumors


There were several takeaways from last season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

One of them is that almost no one is on Jennifer Aydin’s team.

Last year, Jennifer defended Teresa Giudice after she spread cheating rumors about the Goldschneiders.

A new report says that Jennifer is now the one in the hotseat, and it’s all being captured on camera.

The Sun reports that Margaret Josephs is taking aim at Jennifer Aydin.

“Margaret has been going around on-camera,” the report says, “saying to anyone who will listen that Jennifer has a history of cheating on her husband Dr. Bill Aydin.”

Margaret, Jackie Goldschneider, and Melissa Gorga are said to be  “behaving like mean girls.”

Jennifer has been solidly Team Teresa for some times, publicly going to bat for Tre.

But Margaret, Jackie, and Melissa are apparently “demanding that if Teresa Giudice wants to have peace with them.”

If she wants that, “she needs to distance herself from Jennifer.”

It sounds like Teresa has been meeting that demand, which leaves her castmate in a pickle.

According to the insider, Jennifer has “no one to film with besides Dolores Catania and part-timer Caroline Rauseo.”

It sounds like the other ladies are “hoping Jennifer is fired next.”

Teresa reconciled with Jackie, and it was not just on the surface.

The two have been doing couples activities together with their respective men, Luis Ruelas and Evan Goldschneider.

The result, it seems, has been that things are not going well for Teresa’s friendship with Jennifer.

“This has been creating extreme animosity between Teresa and Jennifer,” the insider divulged.

The source added that this animosity has been “on and off camera over the past couple of months.”

So this is no brief falling out, either.

“In June, when filming started, Teresa immediately made up with Jackie,” the source explained.

“And now,” the insider shared, “the couples have been playing golf regularly.”

“Between June and July,” the source continued, “Melissa, Margaret, & Jackie disinvited Jennifer from numerous events.”

For years, Jennifer has been an ally of Teresa’s, at times seeming to act as her own personal mouthpiece in the group.

But that one-sided loyalty is not being reciprocated.

“Teresa has continued to attend the trio’s events,” the insider shared, despite the disinvitation of Jennifer.

“This has all gotten back to Jennifer,” the source shared.

“Who feels extremely betrayed by the entire cast,” the insider illuminated.

“And,” the source went on to say, Jennifer now “feels like she has no one to trust.”

Off-camera, being disinvited from an event stings.

It’s rude, it’s hurtful, and it hurts worse when one of your so-called friends goes anyway.

But when it comes to Real Housewives being disinvited from events, it’s much more serious.

If you’re not at an event, then you’re not filming there.

If you’re not filming there, then you might not be in as many scenes.

Either you find an extremely compelling storyline with the Friend role and Dolores … or it could be your final season.

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