Anne Robinson explains why she was ‘stiff’ in first few episodes of Countdown

Anne Robinson explains why she was ‘stiff’ in first few episodes of Countdown


Countdown: Anne Robinson admits to being 'quite stiff'

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Last week, Anne Robinson, 76, began her stint as the new face of Countdown, as she replaced the show’s long-running host Nick Hewer. Still new to the show and getting used to the ropes, she’s still finding her footing and admitted she probably came across “stiff” in the first few episodes.

I think the first few shows, I’m quite stiff

Anne Robinson

While chatting to Carol Vorderman on her BBC Radio show, Anne revealed she was nervous about what to do when sitting in the hot seat.

After saying how much she’s enjoying her new role, she said: “It’s a show that can look very easy.

“Then you take it over and say, ‘Do I go to a contestant, do I go to this [screen], are we in a break?’

“So, I think the first few shows, I’m quite stiff.”

But now she’s beginning to find her Countdown feet, the presenter revealed she’s started trying new things.

“But I think now – I’m endlessly curious,” she said.

“I’ve started to talk to the contestants, to talk to them in each round and it’s become great fun!”

Talking to the contestants was something Anne stated she never did when she hosted game show, the Weakest Link.

The Queen of Mean admitted she had a reputation to uphold, and that reputation sometimes brought people to tears on-air.

But that was another thing that she didn’t want to bring to her new gig.

Speaking to Radio Times about her appointment, Anne said: “Countdown is obviously different to the Weakest Link in lots of ways, not least that I try to get a couple of minutes with the contestants before we begin because I don’t want them to think I’m going to make them cry,” she chuckled, speaking from previous experience.

“On the Weakest Link I made a point of not meeting them, and even if they said ‘hi’ I wouldn’t answer, including the celebrities.”

She also wanted to be clear: “I won’t be telling any of the Countdown contestants that they’re stupid.

“I created that character for the Weakest Link.”

But Anne wondered whether she’d be able to step out of said character easily.

“I don’t know if I’m shedding it once and for all, but I hope I can play up and down the scale,” she nodded.

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