Alec Baldwin Criminal Charges for 'Rust' Could be Coming, D.A. Seeking Funds

Alec Baldwin Criminal Charges for 'Rust' Could be Coming, D.A. Seeking Funds


Alec Baldwin could be facing criminal charges in connection to the fatal ‘Rust’ shooting — because the D.A. is asking New Mexico for help in financing several potential prosecutions.

District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies reportedly filed an emergency request last week, asking the New Mexico Board of Finance for extra funds to assist in bringing up to four possible criminal cases that may materialize from her office’s investigation into the death of Halyna Hutchins.

Carmack-Altwies got half of what she wanted —  according to the Santa Fe New Mexican, she was awarded $317,000 in relief … although she had asked for $635k — which is what her office estimated it would cost to handle the would-be cases.

The D.A. has since said that she’ll be seeking the remainder of the dough through a special appropriation request — which suggests she may actually need the full amount to bring any charges related to the fatal incident on the ‘Rust’ set.

Now, while the D.A. isn’t definitively naming names in any potential charges — her office is explicitly saying Baldwin could be on the chopping block. The docs they filed, cited by SFNM, reportedly say … “One of the possible defendants is well known movie actor Alec Baldwin.”

It’s unclear what sort of charges he (or others) might face, but the D.A. told local media she was considering all homicide statutes as well as gun statutes under the NM criminal code.

Baldwin has maintained that Halyna’s death was an accident, and not his fault in the slightest … deflecting blame to other crew members, whom he says should’ve checked the gun to make sure it wasn’t loaded and was functioning properly. He claims he didn’t pull the trigger, but rather … that the gun went off on its own after he pulled back the hammer.

A couple things to note about the D.A.’s move here — Carmack-Altwies says she’s expecting the final report from the Sheriff’s Office soon … but it sounds like she’s been in the loop along the way, because she’s already signaling the exact number of possible defendants. Her request also notes this is urgent, and the cases would need to be dealt with immediately — hence her emergency request for a ton of cash.

Carmack-Altwies did note that if she does, in fact, file criminal charges … it’ll go through the same process as any other case, including preliminary hearings to see if there’s even enough evidence to proceed.

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