Will Greece and Italy be added to the quarantine list? Latest coronavirus update and travel advice

Will Greece and Italy be added to the quarantine list? Latest coronavirus update and travel advice


GREECE and Italy are feared to be the next to be placed on the UK quarantine list as their daily coronavirus cases continue to rise.

Countries above 20 new cases per day, per 100,000 people over seven days, are at risk of facing quarantine restrictions enforced by the UK government.

The government usually announces the new restrictions on Thursday evenings, which are then in place by Saturday at 4am.

Here is everything you need to know about the two countries and the risk they are for tonight's announcement.

Will Greece be put onto the UK quarantine list?

The rest of Greece is at risk of facing quarantine restrictions.

Greece is currently at 20.5 new cases, which puts it in the red zone by the UK government, putting them at risk of quarantine.

Seven of the islands are already on the quarantine list, having been added earlier this month, and include Zante, Crete, Mykonos and Santorini.

The entire of Greece is on the quarantine list for Scotland.

However, the rest of Greece may follow suit for all England arrivals due to the spike in cases, putting mainland Greece and the rest of the islands at risk.

The country already has certain restrictions in place, including face masks in public as well as mandatory Passenger Locator Forms before entering the country.


Will Italy be put onto the UK quarantine list?

While Italy remains in the medium risk zone, with 18.1 per day it is creeping up towards the red high risk zone.

If it continues to climb, there is a high risk of the country being added to. the quarantine list.

The country is one of the few remaining for Brits which have no travel restrictions.

Only some of the islands have rules in place – Sardinia requires incoming arrivals to register before travelling.

What if I have a holiday booked?

If you currently have flights or a holiday booked, it will remain unaffected until the changes are announced.

Even if you no longer want to travel, it is unlikely you will be able to get a refund as the country has not been placed on the UK's travel advisory list.

Some airlines are letting passengers move their flights for free, so it is worth getting in touch if you no longer want to travel.

If either country does eventually go on the quarantine list, tour operators and airlines will most likely cancel holidays.

You will then be entitled to a full refund, or be able to move your holiday plans to a later date.

However, it is feared that thousands of Brits have been ignoring the quarantine restrictions when returning to the UK.

The Met Police received more than 1,000 tips to carry out quarantine checks to make sure holidaymakers are sticking to their two week isolation.

The travel industry is calling for an end to the quarantine rules, and instead offer testing on arrival.

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