Why rollercoaster rides are faster at the end of the day | The Sun

Why rollercoaster rides are faster at the end of the day | The Sun


IF you love going fast on a ride, you might want to save the rollercoasters until the end of the day.

Experts have revealed that rides get faster throughout the day – so you are best going on slower rides like the Ferris Wheel early in the morning instead.

Theme park designer Brian Morrow explained that rollercoasters get faster throughout the day because they need to warm up earlier in the day, like a car.

He told Mental Floss: "A coaster running in the morning could run slower when cooler.

“The wheels are not as warm, the bearings are warming up. That could be different by 2 pm, with a slicked-up wheel chassis.

"Those first trial runs [during the testing phase] can be slow because everything is just so tight. A lot of coasters don't even make it around the track. It's not a failure. It's just super-slow."

So if you’re a speed freak, it might be better to wait until later on in the day before boarding the most terrifying ride in the park, because then it will go even faster.

Another expert revealed why you should sit at the back of the rollercoaster for the best experience.



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Martin Cowdrey, an electrical engineer at Chessington World of Adventures, revealed that if you want to go the fastest, you should head to the other end of the carriage.

He told Sun Online Travel: "When you go over the top of a ride, the fastest place to sit is at the back of the rollercoaster, not the front.

"At the back you're waiting for the drop while you're still facing upwards, so when the ride goes over, you get whipped round so that's where it feels fastest.

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