Watch as woman defends ‘idiot’ passengers who queue to board flights before being called | The Sun

Watch as woman defends ‘idiot’ passengers who queue to board flights before being called | The Sun


A WOMAN has defended holidaymakers who queue at airport gates in a bid to board the plane first.

Samantha, who is known as affordingstyle on TikTok, posts videos on a variety of topics including travel.

In a recent video, she defended keen passengers who queue at the airport gate before boarding has even opened.

She said: "I'm at the airport so I thought I'd just remind people, if people line up early for the flight, it's because of overhead space.

"I keep seeing videos where people are like: why are you wanting to get on the plane sooner?!

"It's not about being on the plane sooner. It's about the fact that we know if we check a bag, they'll lose it.Instead, everyone has a carry-on and there's not enough space.

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"I can't believe this still has to be said but here we are."

The video has had more than 270,000 views, and people have flooded into the comments and confirmed that they only travel with carry on.

One person wrote: "Yes, I have such anxiety over overhead space."

Another added: "Not having it above or in front of me gives me so much anxiety."

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Other people wanted to know why airlines didn't allocate overhead storage space to each passenger, especially as everyone has paid for the same space.

One person wrote: "Thank you, they’re always so condescending about it too."

Another person recommended checking carry-on luggage at the gate, if asked, because it's less likely to get lost.

Etiquette expert, Bonnie Tsai, who is the founder of the etiquette consultancy company Beyond Etiquette, revealed why passengers shouldn't stand at the boarding gate.

She told the Washington Post: “You should steer clear of standing in line at the gate before your boarding group.

“It may also cause other travellers and the gate agents to become frustrated.

“Lining up before your boarding group is called won’t get you to your destination any sooner. Be considerate, and you’ll all get where you’re going.”

One mum explained why families with young children should always board the plane last.

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