Warning to Brit families that US holidays could be ruined thanks to America's strict Covid rules

Warning to Brit families that US holidays could be ruined thanks to America's strict Covid rules


FAMILIES wanting to head to the US for a holiday may find their plans ruined due to the strict vaccine rules in different states.

Yesterday, hundreds of people reunited with their loved ones after the US borders opened to the UK, 20 months after being closed.

However, some states have introduced vaccine rules which will affect families travelling with kids.

In New York, all kids aged 12 and older must be fully vaccinated to visit the museums – something impossible for Brits with the rollout of the first jab still taking place for younger citizens.

Kids between 2 and 11 must wear a face mask, with it being difficult for parents to enforce on younger visitors.

The same rules are in place in San Franciso, with over 12's needing to be fully vaccinated to visit any entertainment venue, according to the Telegraph.

Kids between two and 17 don't need to be fully vaccinated to enter the US, but do have to take a test between three and five days after arriving, which could affect holiday plans if it is positive.

Families heading to Disney World or Universal Orlando won't have such strict rules, due to the current Florida restrictions being more laid back.

Guests don't have to be vaccinated, although face masks must be worn by anyone aged two and over when indoors at Disney World.

Only unvaccinated guests are asked to wear face coverings for all indoor locations at Universal Orlando.

Fully vaccinated Brits can travel to the US nearly restriction-free, only needing a negative Covid test and an ESTA before arriving.

Images yesterday showed travellers rushing through the arrivals gate after the first UK-US flight landed, with parents embracing children and grandparents clinging to new family members.

New York is expecting three quarters of a million British tourists to pile into its airports – and airlines are eager to get them there, as BA and Virgin launch more flights.

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