Valentine’s Day: 8 things to do if you’re spending the day in Paris

Valentine’s Day: 8 things to do if you’re spending the day in Paris


The French capital is one of the most visited cities in the world all year round but, during Valentine’s weekend, it really transforms itself into the city of love.  

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea”. No matter if you are going there with your other half, your friends or if you are reclaiming this magical city for yourself, the French capital never fails to surprise, charm and capture us.

The fact that you can be there in less than three hours, without taking an annoying and polluting flight, is just another good excuse to visit Paris as much as we can.

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been before, we have pulled together a list of some of the best experiences you should try in the city this Valentine’s day.

  • Totally Crazy show at The Crazy Horse

    Riccardo Tinelli

    One of the most iconic venues in the French capital, seeing a show at The Crazy Horse is definitely an experience you can’t miss.

    For Valentine’s Day, the venue launched the Crazy Love Week. The usual show – called Totally Crazy – will be enriched by romance, Veuve-Clicquot champagne and Ladurée macarons created specifically for the occasion. 

    Buy your ticket for The Crazy Horse here

  • Soiree Love at Musée Rodin

    Le penseur de Rodin, Musée Rodin, Paris

    Paris is full of amazing museums, galleries and hidden gems to discover. If you haven’t been to the Rodin Museum yet, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to discover their romantic gardens.

    The museum has prepared a night dedicated to lovers made of poetry, music and of course the fascinating sculptures of Monsieur Rodin.

    Buy your ticket for the Musée Rodin here

  • A weekend of love at Molitor Hotel

    For Valentine’s Day, the Parisian lido-hotel Molitor has prepared a special package for the couples staying over. It’s possible to choose between the Sage (good behaviour) package or the Pas si sage (not so good behaviour) when you book the room. The hotel will have a few delicious surprises waiting for you in the room and different gadgets depending if you plan to be naughty or nice.

    The hotel has also partnered up with French lingerie brand Livy to offer a special service: for one night only, guests will be able to order a Livy ensemble and have it delivered in less than two hours.

    Book a night the Molitor hotel here

  • A special dinner on a Bateau Mouche

    Bateau Mouche, Seine at sunset

    Some think that a boat journey on the river is just for tourists, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There is nothing more magical than cruising along the Seine at sunset, a glass of champagne in hand.

    You can get the early dinner service at 6.30pm and enjoy the amazing views of the city, from Concorde to the Île St. Louis, while eating delicious French food.

    Buy your ticket for a Bateau Mouche here

  • A classic film at the Louxor

    Louxor cinema Paris

    For the cinema buffs, a stop at the Louxor is a must. 

    Opened in 1921, this cinema was built by architect Henri Zipcy who, taking inspiration from the film Cleopatra, created a neo-Egyptian building that was extremely unusual for the time.

    For a long time, the cinema was abandoned but its doors were reopened in 2013 and it has been a favourite with the locals ever since.

    Buy your ticket for the Louxor here

  • A concert at the Madeleine church

    Madeleine church Paris

    What’s the best thing to do after a decadent treat at the iconic Ladurée? A concert at the beautiful Église de la Madeleine.

    The incredible church, located just minutes away from Ladurée, organises classical music and opera concerts multiple times a week. The tickets are usually around 20 euros but some of the concerts are free to enjoy – incredible, for such an amazing experience. 

    Buy your ticket for a concert at Madeleine church here

  • A sing-along with Écran pop

    Écran Pop Paris

    If you are less into romantic gestures and more into fun experiences, Écran Pop is something you need to check out.

    The concept is simple: you buy your ticket like you would do for a cinema, but instead of finding a silent room you will be entering a real party. The films shown are always musicals and the guests are given props to use during the event and are invited to sing along. A cinema meets karaoke experience that is just as fun as it sounds.

    Buy your ticket for Écran Pop here

  • Paris Merveilles at the Lido

    Lido Paris cabaret

    Another day, another cabaret show – you are in Paris after all!

    If you are after an immersive dining experience, a night at the Lido is the best way to celebrate with your other half. The show, called Paris Merveilles, will leave you speechless: from incredible dancing to ice-skating, there is nothing that these women can’t do.

    Plus, you will be watching the show while eating a delicious meal, foie-gras and all. 

    Buy your ticket for the Lido here

Pictures: Unsplash/Provided by the venues/Riccardo Tinelli/Photofimage Paris. 

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