Travel loophole allows Brits using Eurotunnel to avoid quarantine if passing through France

Travel loophole allows Brits using Eurotunnel to avoid quarantine if passing through France


BRITS trying to return to the UK from Europe can avoid the quarantine if travelling through France by using the Eurotunnel.

The UK introduced a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning to the country from France on August 15, resulting in travel chaos as hundreds of thousands of Brits tried to get back before it was in place.

Anyone in France, returning via plane, ferry or Eurostar, will be forced to self-isolate for two weeks due to the current coronavirus situation in the country.

France, which has 219,029 total cases, has seen rising cases since the beginning of August – August 15 saw the highest daily rate since May.

However, families on holiday in other countries not on the travel quarantine list such as Germany, Switzerland or Italy will be able to return to the UK via France, as long as they don't leave their cars.

This is because of a transit loophole which will allow families to get through France while travelling across the country.

The Eurotunnel doesn't require passengers to leave their cars, unlike other methods of transportation, meaning tourists are then exempt from the UK quarantine.

Eurotunnel explains: "As long as passengers coming from countries still on the Travel Corridors list transit France without leaving their car or mixing with other people on their journey they are not subject to quarantine measures on arrival in the UK."

Frantic holidaymakers have been left trying to find their own way home, fearing their trips abroad have been left in tatters.

One group was forced to charter a boat to get home as holidaymakers scrambled to get back to the UK before the 4am deadline last week.

Some families have managed to make the most of the travel loophole.

One twitter user wrote: "[The border control] asked where we stayed and had travelled (Italy then Germany) and whether we had stopped in transit (we hadn’t).

"We had our receipts from our hotel and fuel stop and our electronic journey history but weren’t asked for it. Travelled by Eurotunnel."

Another user added: "We are paying a lot of money to stay a night in Germany so that we don’t stop in France on our way back to the UK, which according to the guidance enables you to be exempt from the quarantine."

Piers Morgan bragged about making it home before the quarantine while on holiday in France.

He wrote on social media: "I follow the news, saw France cases rocketing… and did the maths."

Turkey and Croatia may be next on the UK quarantine list as their coronavirus situation worsens.

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