Tourist fined £385 for eating ICE CREAM on holiday in Europe | The Sun

Tourist fined £385 for eating ICE CREAM on holiday in Europe | The Sun


A TOURIST on holiday in Europe was hit with a €450 (£385) – for eating ICE CREAM.

The 55-year-old traveller, from the US, was fined on holiday in Rome, due to the strict rules in place.

The tourist was caught by police after he sat down on the Fontana dei Catecumeni.

Rome's strict "urban decorum" rules ban anyone from eating, drinking or sitting on fountains.

According to local media, the tourist was fined after refusing to move when warned by police.

The new rules were introduced in 2017 by then-mayor Virginia Raggi.

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And the US traveller isn't the only tourist to have been caught out.

In July, a British tourist was stung with a €500 (£426) fine after dipping his feet in a fountain in Rome.

And two tourists were fined £844 after they got into the Trevi Fountain on holiday.

Other places in Italy also have strict rules, such as Venice and Sardinia.

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Two tourists who decided to make coffee on the steps of a historic bridge in Venice were slapped with a €950 (£854) fine for their antics.

Last year, holidaymakers were fined as much as €3,000 (£2,580) for taking shells and stones from Sardian beaches as souvenirs.

It's not just Italy either – tourists in Spain could land themselves a £25 fine if caught smoking on beaches in Barcelona.

And Spanish officials have also introduced a £2,400 fine for tourists who spark up a barbecue on the country's picturesque beaches.

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