These are the 50 most Instagrammable places in the world in 2021

These are the 50 most Instagrammable places in the world in 2021


A travel site has put together a list of the 50 most Instagram-worthy travel destinations this year, and they’ve got us chock-full of wanderlust.

Big 7 Travel compiled the list based on a survey, number of hashtags and the informed opinions from their editorial team.

Even though we might not be able to go on holidays just yet, lists like this can help us plan and set some new travel goals to look forward to for the future.

Want to see what place got the top spot? Read on…

50. Athens, Greece

This city is stepped in beautiful, hugely photogenic history.

The Big 7 Travel site says: ‘Whether you are looking for that perfect shot in front of the sacred hill of Acropolis or aim to capture the delicious flavours of Greek street food, Athens has you in spades.’ 

49. Baku, Azerbaijan

Big 7 Travel says: ‘From the ultramodern and award-winning Heydar Aliyev Centre to the 12-century remnant of Icherisheher, Baku is chock-full of character perfect for your feed.’ 

48. Phuket, Thailand

If you’re into beautiful beaches, temples and ‘ancient towns full of bustling markets’, Phuket is the place for you.

They say: ‘Some of the most Instagrammable spots are Big Buddha, a 45-metre tall Budda that sits high above Phuket; Phuket’s old town street art; the gorgeous Wat Chalong temple and Surin Beach.’

47. Helsinki, Finland

The Big 7 Travel site points out that Helsinki is where you’ll find ‘the largest concentration of art nouveau buildings in Northern Europe.’

They advise: ‘Be sure to get a few snaps of Helsinki Central Station, the National Theatre and Kallio Church to wow your followers with Helsinki’s turn of the century charm.’

46. Sofia, Bulgaria

They describe Sofia as ‘easily one of Europe’s most funky and trendy capitals’.

There are also plenty of trams that go through the city, making sightseeing easy as pie.

45. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has plenty of natural beauty to snap for the ‘Gram.

Big 7 Travel says: ‘Cape Town is an Instagrammer’s dream location to visit: endless natural beauty and clifftop views, pastel pink neighbourhoods and turquoise waters.’

44. Tallinn, Estonia

The gothic architecture of Tallinn would look great on your feed, with the city having historic European charm to spare.

‘Climb the 258 steps to the top of St. Olaf’s and take the city in from above and then slowly stroll the streets of Old Town and take in one of the most beautiful medieval towns around,’ recommends the site.

43. Nice, France

Holidaying on the French Riviera sounds photogenic in and of itself, but Nice adds a little something extra to the mix.

‘Stroll the Promenade des Anglais to capture one of the most picturesque streets in France, snap a few pics of the uber-colourful Place Massena and don’t forget a few clicks in front of the beautiful St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral,’ says Big 7 Travel.

42. Bruges, Belgium

The list reads: ‘Often overlooked by its Brussels and Antwerp cousins, Bruges truly is a hidden gem.

‘Loaded with charming canals, quaint cobbled streets and tons of medieval charm, photographing Bruges for the gram brings a totally different era to life.’

41. Hoi An, Vietnam

From the food to the beaches to the marketplaces, Hoi An has plenty to offer the keen photographer.

The list says: ‘Whether you’re looking to capture the charming Ancient Town, the Thanh Ha Pottery Village or the vibrant Hoi An Central Market, there’s plenty of photography inspo to go around.’

40. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech has what it takes to give your grid a dose of opulence.

Big 7 Travel says: ‘Whether you’re looking for that perfect shot while plunged in a hammam bath or strolling the wonderfully colourful markets, Marrakech has plenty in store for you.’

39. Armenia 

All of Armenia was apparently photogenic enough to make the cut for this list, with the site reading: ‘Tucked away in the Caucasus region, this culturally rich nation punches way above its weight when it comes to insta-worthy scenes.

‘Get the perfect shot at the ever-charming Vernissage flea market loaded with trinkets and carpets galore and then explore the ancient grounds of any one of the country’s many churches and monasteries.’ 

38. Warsaw, Poland

Big 7 Travel calls Warsaw a ‘Polish gem’ that’s ‘literally oozing with colourful gothic charm’.

They add: ‘From the picture-perfect Old Town Market Square to the Wilanow Palace you’re sure to be left breathless.’

37. Minsk, Belarus

Known for its quirky vibe, tasty street food and ‘hipster flare’, they have Minsk down as a ‘hidden gem.’

‘Zoom in on the quiet charm of the Osmolovka area or stroll the streets after dark and shoot the stunning lights of the countless light sculptures,’ they recommend.

36. Lisbon, Portugal

The list reads: ‘Whether you visit for the historic charm, the delicious food or buzzing atmosphere, you’ll be met with picture-perfect views every step of the way.

‘There’s almost 10 million hashtags on Instagram for #lisbon – it’s popular!’

35. Dublin, Ireland

Close to home, fun, and the home of iconic beer Guinness, Dublin is always worth a visit.

Big 7 Travel says: ‘Its plethora of medieval history, charming pubs, street art and lively culture are just a few things that make it an Instagrammer’s dream.’

34. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There’s plenty of natural and man-made beauty to explore in Kuala Lumpur.

‘Take in the lush forests of the KL Forest Park, gawk at the glorious colours of the Batu Caves and take in the serene atmosphere of the ever-beautiful Thean Hou Temple,’ reads the list.

33. Seoul, South Korea

Big 7 Travel is a fan of the blend of history and modernity that you can discover in Seoul.

They write: ‘Decide if you want to spend your day snapping traditional Korean architecture, shrines and temples that’ll transport you centuries into the past; or if you’d rather capture that fantastic hustle and bustle of modern Seoul.’

32. Budapest, Hungary

Big 7 Travel calls Budapest ‘a stunning city for the gram in all seasons.’

They add: ‘Be sure to soak in one of the historic medicinal spas to capture the essence of the city’s ancient Szechenyi Spa Baths. Afterwards, become a regular at one of the city’s super Insta-worthy ruin bars.’ 

31. Seattle, Washington

The list calls Seattle ‘land of coffee, rain and lush evergreen forests’.

It adds: ‘In addition to an equal mix of city and outdoors life, Seattle also has quite the reputation for food festivals perfect for showing off your food photo skills.’

30. Vienna, Austria

Big 7 Travel hails Vienna’s music, culture and ‘breathtaking palaces’ as the city’s highlights.

They say: ‘Thanks to its past as the centuries-long capital city of the Hapsburg Empire, Vienna is full of history just dying to be explored.’

29. São Paulo, Brazil

Another city full of culture, Big 7 Travel says São Paulo is ‘perfect for capturing your Brazilian adventure.’

‘For the best grams, be sure to hit up one of the city’s rooftop bars and procure the museums, cafés and avenue atmosphere of Paulista,’ they add.

28. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The list says this ‘pulsating cosmopolitan city’ has an ideal mixture of ‘heritage, nightlife and modern creativity.’

 ‘Even better?’ they say, ‘The Argentinian capital boats pretty much the best street art scene on the continent.’ 

27. Jakarta, Indonesia

‘The sprawling Indonesian capital is a delight for every type of traveller,’ says Big 7 Travel.

They write: ‘From the sprawling shopping centres to the age-old colonial remnants throughout Old Jakarta to the countless photogenic cafés, it’s no wonder it’s a hit for Instagram’.

26. Stockholm, Sweden

There’s lots to be said for and about Scandi vibes these days.

Big Travel 7 says: ‘Who doesn’t love a bit of Scandi charm in their feed? The Swedish capital is loved for its iconic city hall and colourful old town which happens to be one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval centres.’

25. Vancouver, Canada

Another city where nature and food lovers can find joy, Big 7 Travel recommends checking out the breweries and Whytecliff Park.

They add: ‘In Vancouver, you get equal parts foodie and nature lover grams that perfectly embody the Pacific Northwest.’

24. Las Vegas, Nevada

Who doesn’t love to be extra at least once in a while? And what’s more extra than Las Vegas?

The list reads: ‘Whether you capture the endless retro casinos, world-class resorts, super cheesy gimmicks or the stunning Bellagio fountains, Vegas’ gram-ability is one of the best in the world.’

23. San Francisco, California

‘The iconic California city is known for its rich character and endless appeal from the mindbending Lombard Street to the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden,’ says Big 7 Travel.

They also recommend checking out the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and ‘the endless #foodporn moments within China Town’. 

22. Bogota, Colombia

This city promises to deck your feed out with ‘Colombian pizazz’ according to the list.

It goes on: ‘From the countless charming cafés to the bustling Plaza Bolivar to the storied streets of La Candelaria and more, the Colombian capital is brimming with photo ops.’

21. Prague, Czech Republic

You can, erm, Czech Prague out for some ‘Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque flair’.

Big 7 Travel adds: ‘Get the iconic shot just in front of the iconic Church of Our Lady before Tyn and stroll the lush grounds of the Vrtba Garden and you’ll be good to go.’

20. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

‘What could be more picture-perfect than bicycles stacked against peaceful canal bridges, Dutch Baroque neighbourhoods and floating flower markets?’ asks Big 7 Travel.

Indeed, between the nightlife and the ‘romance of the canals’, there’s plenty for your camera to explore.

19. Moscow, Russia

There’s a great deal of history and culture to find in Moscow.

Big 7 Travel write: ‘Architecture lovers will delight at the onion domes of St. Basil’s and the mighty Kremlin walls which have protected the Russian capital for ages.’

18. Milan, Italy

Renowned for being ‘one of the world’s fashion capitals’, Milan is definitely worth a visit.

‘Whether your feed is more geared toward style, history, food or culture – Milan has it all,’ they say.

17. Taiwan

Big 7 Travel say: ‘From the National Palace Museum in Taipei’s bustling capital to the hidden tea houses hidden deep within the rural jungles, there’s plenty of allure for an Instagrammer in Taiwan.’

Here you’ll find plenty of ‘culture and colour’ to fill your feed with.

16. Santorini, Greece

You’ll likely recognise the beautiful clear blue waters often photographed in the background of the white stone walls and blue roofs of Santorini.

‘White sandy beaches, whitewashed stone walls, ancient temples and vibrant food and flowers make it ideal for photography lovers – you’ve surely seen this island splashed across your social media feed,’ say Big 7 Travel.

15. Hong Kong

The list refers to Hong Kong as ‘undoubtedly one of the most visually stunning concrete jungles out there.’

So if cityscapes are more your thing, Hong Kong is definitely for you.

14. Toronto, Canada

Another Canadian destination, this big city has culture in spades.

Big 7 Travel say: ‘From the iconic CN Tower to the endless murals, charming boutiques, historical Gooderham Building and more, Toronto has plenty to keep your lens busy.’

13. Berlin, Germany

With a reputation for being on the edgier side, Berlin is famous for being uniquely artistic and ‘so cool’.

The list reads: ‘Famous for its thriving arts scene and rich history, Berlin is brimming with cultural landmarks, life-changing street art and incredible museums and galleries.’

12. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital is naturally full of history to explore and delicious tapas to eat.

‘This super vibrant Spanish capital is undoubtedly the stuff an Insta dream with its countless historical monuments and cultural landmarks,’ says Big 7 Travel.

11. Singapore

The team at Big Travel 7 writes: ‘This tiny city-state off southern Malaysia is full of photo-ops.

‘From the iconic Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay to the vibrant kaleidoscope of street art through Haji Lane.’

10. Chicago, Illinois

As an American city, it’s pretty safe to say that the food is going to be a major part of your stay in Chicago.

Big 7 Travel say: ‘In addition to some seriously photo-friendly landmarks, there are also loads of restaurants – cough, cough, Hampton Social, built for the gram.’

9. London, England

Well here comes the humblebrag – of course our own capital city made the cut.

Big 7 Travel says: ‘From the opulence that pours out of Buckingham Palace to the iconic candy-coloured houses of Notting Hill and sweeping views from the London Eye; it’s no surprise that London is truly in a league of its own.’

8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is another place with natural and man-made beauty a-plenty.

Calling it ‘one of Australia’s most beloved cities’, they write: ‘Whether you want to capture the natural beauty of the harbour and hidden beaches or the atmosphere of one of Australia’s most beloved cities at the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge, you’re covered.’

7. Havana, Cuba

Havana (ooo na na) is described as ‘unbelievably photogenic’ in Big 7 Travel’s list.

They add: ‘With the crumbling colonial buildings and candy coloured classic cars left and right, the vintage charm is unmissable.’

6. Dubai, UAE

How can almost every influencer you’ve ever heard of be wrong?

Big 7 Travel says: ‘Dubai was basically made for Instagram – take from that what you will. If you want an ultra-luxe aesthetic full of glamour and style, Dubai will be the Insta-hub of your dreams.’ 

5. Istanbul, Turkey

From the Grand Bazaar to the host of cats who live at the Blue Mosque, Big 7 Travel says there’s plenty to see here.

The list reads: ‘An incredible blend of all things east and west on the meeting point of Europe and Asia, it’s no wonder Istanbul is big time photo-friendly.’

4. New York City, New York

Surely no photo-friendly travel list could be complete without The Big Apple?

They write: ‘Be sure to capture the timeless charm of Brooklyn, the romantic row boats of Central Park and then head to the tippy top of the Empire State Building. NYC will undoubtedly leave you speechless at every turn.’

3. Paris, France

Paris, a city ‘oozing with romance’, comes in Big 7 Travel’s third spot in this list.

‘Charming bistros, buzzing brasseries, corner street musicians, the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower – need we say more?’ they say.

2. The Philippines

Natural wonders abound in the many many islands of the Philippines.

Big 7 Travel: ‘From the bustling capital of Manila complete with colourful colonial streets to the absolute oasis of Boracay, the gram opportunities here are endless.’

1. Tokyo, Japan

That’s right, the top spot goes to the capital city of Japan.

The list reads: ‘Ancient shrines, other-worldly art exhibits and vibrant neon-lit billboards galore are just a few things that make Tokyo a hit on the gram. The bustling Japanese capital is also famous for its buzzing shopping markets perfect for capturing the essence of life in Tokyo.’ 

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