The two very common items that cause big problems at airport security – and make you miss your flight | The Sun

The two very common items that cause big problems at airport security – and make you miss your flight | The Sun


AN airport security agent has revealed which two small items cause big problems for passengers on their way to their flights.

Going through the airport scanners can be stressful, with some minor details often causing passengers to get held up.

However, there are some items that cause more problems for security staff than others.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) representative Lisa Farbstein knows this all too well and has worked out which items can become troublesome for passengers.

In particular, jewellery tends to cause big issues for some people, with Lisa explaining that there are some items that people should leave in their bags, or at home,

She told Who What Wear: "Skip rings that go over two or three fingers, as they might trigger an alarm. It’s not a good idea to bring that with you.

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"Pass on anything super large and bulky earring-wise. The machine is looking for your body, and if all of a sudden something is protruding from your body, the machine might trigger an alarm."

Some people think that all of their jewellery has to be removed when they're going through the scanners, but this isn't the case.

In fact, with smaller items it's usually much smarter to just leave them on.

Lisa continued: "People often take off jewellery that they don't need to take off honestly. Light earrings or dainty necklaces often end up being left behind."

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Lisa's words struck a chord with others, with agreeing with what she had to say.

They added that it's best to leave items behind, or make sure they're safely tucked away in hand luggage, if it's likely they'll have to be removed at the security gate.

They said: "It's best to leave these pieces at home or put them in your carry-on bag before going through security to ensure a hassle-free flight."

It's not just jewellery that snags passengers at airport security – shoes can also be a huge problem.

Farbstein has some recommendations for what footwear passengers should be wearing when they travel as well.

She told AFAR that the best shoes to wear are “the kind you don’t need to take off".

However, if that's not possible, she advises a pair that can easily be slipped off so it can be passed through a scanner.

She also recommends arriving earlier when travelling during peak seasons to prevent being held up.

She added: “Summer travel is like peak travel on a highway.

"Often times, on holidays, people are traveling with children and that can help slow down a line."

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