The incredible islands that inspired the new Peter Pan Hollywood movie – just one hour from the UK | The Sun

The incredible islands that inspired the new Peter Pan Hollywood movie – just one hour from the UK | The Sun


AN INCREDIBLE island just over an hour away from the UK has been used as Neverland in a new Peter Pan movie out later this month.

Peter Pan and Wendy will be released on Disney+ in just a few days, but Brits can already take in the spectacular scenery shown in the film, after just a short flight.

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous territory of Denmark, but are actually closer to the British Isles.

Lying just 200 miles north of Scotland, the islands have more sheep than people, stunning scenery and miles of empty roads.

The unique landscape was selected to represent Peter Pan's mythical home, where people never grow old and can be found by looking for "the second star to the right and carrying on until morning".

Several Faroese locations feature in the new film including Trælanípa, a perpendicular rock wall, which juts 142 metres upwards out of the sea.

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The rugged cliffs offer spectacular views and from the edge of Trælanípa, people can see the southernmost part of the islands of Streymoy, Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Suðuroy.

Also in the film are the famous sea stacks, Risin and Kellingin, also known as The Giant & the Witch, located close to Eiði at the north of the islands.

Legend has it the stacks were created when a giant and a witch were turned to stone by the sunlight after trying to steal the Faroe Islands, to take them to Iceland.

They have stood there ever since, staring westward, apparently longing for their home country.

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Elsewhere, Mykines Island also features in the new movie,

The island has been described as "the most sacred and fragile of all the places in the Faroe Islands that people can still visit".

Travellers are often struck by the unspoiled nature and great variety of sightseeing spots.

Mykines is home to puffins, in one of the few Ramsar areas (areas of special wetland conservation).

The first of the adorable seabirds arrive in the Faroes in early May, coming onto land around mid-June.

Pufflings hatch from their eggs in July and usually by the end of August, most of the puffins have headed back to sea.

However, there are other exciting animals that can be seen from the islands, including the biggest animal on the planet, the blue whale.

Killer whales and pilot whales are among a host of other sea animals that swim in the waters around the Faroes, as well as white-sided dolphins.

Meanwhile, above the islands, white-tailed eagles, peregrine falcons and osprey can be seen swooping for prey.

Visit Faroe Islands Director Guðrið Højgaard said: "It’s wonderful for the Faroes to be part of this children’s timeless classic.

"Helping to create nostalgia for J. M. Barrie's beloved characters, Peter Pan and Wendy, and to inspire children with a sense of adventure for another generation to discover the Faroe Islands from a new perspective."

As well as a great filming location, the Faroe Islands are also very hospitable, with locals offering authentic accommodation and intimate dining experiences in their own homes.

The Faroese have a word for such home hospitality: heimablídni. 

It not only introduces visitors to traditional homemade Faroese food in convivial surroundings, but also offers guests the chance to hear interesting stories about the area in which they are staying.

Brits can get to the Faroes in an hour and 25 minutes on direct flights from Edinburgh with Atlantic Airways.

Or they can fly from elsewhere, changing at Copenhagen.

Accommodation on the Faroe Islands can be found from £33pp per night in a guest house.

Camping on the islands starts from around £15pp per night.

Meanwhile, the most popular holiday destination on the planet is only an hour from the UK.

And Brits can also enjoy this flight-free trip with water slides, beaches and cheap pizza.

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