The dangerous reason why you should stop wearing jewellery when swimming at the beach | The Sun

The dangerous reason why you should stop wearing jewellery when swimming at the beach | The Sun


HOLIDAYMAKERS in Spain are being warned against wearing their jewellery when they're in the water.

The warning was issued after more than 15 people a day were said to be seeking first aid treatment after suffering bites from the sharp-toothed "piranha-style" fish.

According to (a Spanish newspaper), there have been several cases on the famous Poniente beach in Benidorm.

While the fish are said to be attracted by moles, warts, or small wounds on the skin, authorities are also encouraging holidaymakers to remove their jewellery before taking a dip.

This is because the shimmering may attract various fish species, which could lead to more unwanted attacks.

A spokesperson from the Department of Marine Species shed some light on the situation, they said: "This is a fish used to being fed.

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"There may be a high population density, and they do not flee from people, hence they peck at the wounds due to the smell of meat."

As well as warding off fish attacks, there are several other reasons holidaymakers should remove their jewellery before going for a swim.

In a previous article, a team of experts from Hatton Jewellers revealed that chlorine, which is found in swimming pools, has also been known to damage and discolour precious metals such as gold.

Sterling silver can also begin to tarnish when in contact with chlorine because of the chemical makeup, so it's best to remove necklaces and rings before swimming in chlorinated water.

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Meanwhile, salt water can also erode layers of your jewellery, which can also weaken the metal.

Just like with swimming pools, it's important to remove jewellery before taking a dip in the sea.

The experts at Hatton Jewellers also shared their top tips when it comes to packing items of jewellery.

They explained that a plastic straw can stop necklaces and bracelets from becoming twisted.

Holidaymakers just need to loop one end of the jewellery through a drinking straw before fastening it at the other end, which will prevent a necklace from getting tangled.

For bracelets, simply cut the straw down and loop the bracelet through in exactly the same way.

Meanwhile, this clever cling film travel hack will make packing for a holiday much easier.

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