The clothes that could get you BANNED from flying

The clothes that could get you BANNED from flying


MAKE sure you wear something appropriate for your next flight – or you could be kicked off the plane.

A post on Reddit has revealed the item of clothing that is practically guaranteed to have you banned from flying, according to an airline gate agent.

They said: “Don’t wear shirts with obscene words. We can’t board you to the aeroplane with a shirt that says a bad word.

"You will probably have to change it as it might offend another passenger.”

Last month, a South Korean DJ was kicked off her flight because her leggings had swear words on them, while in 2015, a university student in the US was kicked off his flight due to the word “f***ing” on his T-shirt.

And in March, a man claimed he was threatened with an indefinite flight ban for wearing a jumper that branded the words “F**k Biden.”

It's not just rude words either, wearing a skimpy top or pair of shorts could also get you barred from boarding.

In 2019, a woman was told her low-cut top was “causing offence” on a flight while another woman was booted off an easyJet flight — because her outfit was too low-cut.

And last year, a female passenger was stopped from boarding her flight because of her outfit and told the pilot didn't like people "showing a lot of skin".



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Even your lack of shoes could get you kicked off – in 2019, a passenger claimed she saw a family kicked off a flight because the little boy with them wasn’t wearing shoes.

Airlines explain these rules on their website – for example, American Airlines' rules state: "Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed."

Here is why you should never wear leggings on a flight either.

A flight attendant has also said why shorts should also be a no-no during a flight.

Another flight attendant has revealed the 12 other things you should never wear on flights.

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