The 10 best travel stocking fillers for less than £5 | The Sun

The 10 best travel stocking fillers for less than £5 | The Sun


WITH Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about shopping for presents.

And one of the most popular Christmas traditions? The stocking.

The tradition of hanging a stocking came from the tale of three women in poverty.

Unable to get dowries, the women were resigned to remaining unmarried.

St Nicholas of Myra – the inspiration for Santa Claus – heard of their plight and threw three bags of gold coins down their chimney, which caught in the stockings drying over the fireplace.

This is also why we now putting chocolate coins in stockings.

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Now, most people associate a stocking with small gifts, often low in price and opened before the rest of the presents of the day.

It can be hard to find items that don't break the bank.

However, we've found the best 10 travel-inspired items that are great for both the backpacker and the fly and flopper.

And even better – they are all less than £5.

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1. Travel bottles, Wowcher, £3.99

Keeping your liquids under £100ml can be tricky.

We've found some travel bottles to put your toiletries in for just £3.99 via Wowcher.

2. Travel pillow and eye mask, Tiger, £4

If you have trouble sleeping on planes, you need to invest in a travel pillow and eye mask.

Tiger has a set of both of them for just £4 – and it even comes with earplugs.

3. Perfume atomiser, Amazon, £3.99

There is a very clever way to avoid taking your full sized bottle of perfume on holiday.

You can instead decant it into a smaller atomiser – and it costs just £3.99 from Amazon.

4. Waterproof bag, Ikea, £2

Going in the sea? Fun. Worrying about your belongings on the beach? Less fun.

Instead, whack them in a waterproof pouch so you can take them with you – and Ikea has one for £2.

5. Packing cubes, Amazon, £3.99

The one travel item that the Sun Travel team swear by going on holiday are packing cubes.

They won't break the bank – Amazon has a set for £3.99.

6. Beach towel clips, Boots, £5

Next time you're claiming a sunlounger at a hotel, you can go one further than putting your towel on it.

Boots have £5 beach towel clips – to make sure it's not going anywhere.

7. Luggage tag, Lego, £3.99

Make your bag stand out on the baggage carousel with a fun luggage tag.

Lego has them in a range of colours starting from £3.99.

8. Hand luggage bag, £3.99, Amazon

Hate paying for hand luggage? You can even get a bag that fits in all your stuff for less than a fiver.

On sale, the Amazon bag means you won't be caught out by Ryanair again.

9. DVT socks, Amazon, £3.99

One of the most important thing to take on a plane are flight socks, which help prevent blood clots.

The cheapest on the market can be found on Amazon for just £3.99.

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10. Mountain Warehouse, £4.99 water bottle

Did you know you can take your own travel bottle through the airport to refill on the other side?

We've found one for just under £5 at Mountain Warehouse which you can take next time you're packing your hand luggage.

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