Sweet Tooth: 10 Best Places To Get Chocolate In Belgium

Sweet Tooth: 10 Best Places To Get Chocolate In Belgium


Belgium is like the European Mecca for chocolate-lovers. Though Belgian chocolate is now available all over the world, there’s still nothing quite like eating authentic chocolate from authentic Belgian chocolatiers. And with so many talented chocolatiers putting their products on the market, sweet-toothed foodies really are spoiled every time they come to Belgium.

There’s no shortage of chocolate boutiques in this small European country. The difficult part is narrowing down which brands to buy and which to pass. Keep reading to find out where 10 of the best places to get chocolate in Belgium are. Your mouth will be watering by the end!

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10 Dumon Artisanale Chocolatier: Bruges

There’s definitely more than one place to get amazing chocolate in Belgium, but not all chocolatiers were created equal. For one of the best (according to Never Stop Traveling), try Dumon Artisanale in Bruges. This is a family-owned business where the staff are friendly and more than happy to give you a sample—something that makes the chocolate even sweeter!

Located centrally near Market Square, the business hasn’t been around for very long compared to some of the other prestigious chocolatiers in Belgium. But over the last two decades, they’ve definitely proved themselves as master chocolate-makers!

9 Frederic Blondeel: Brussels

There is no shortage of divine chocolate shops in Brussels. While on your own self-guided chocolate tour of the beautiful city, be sure to check out Frederic Blondeel. The chocolate is handcrafted right there in Brussels and then delivered to one of the three Brussels stores. The Scandinavian Traveler points out that there’s also a Blondeel store in Hong Kong! Word is spreading about these little bites of heaven.

You will find chocolate here that comes in traditional flavors, and also less-conventional varieties for those who like a little spontaneity in their chocolate-eating.

8 La Belgique Gourmande: Brussels

Another chocolatier that you have to try while visiting Brussels in La Belgique Gourmande. There’s more than just chocolate on offer in this magical shop—think macaroons and nuts coated in caramel as well as an array of chocolate treats that will change your life.

You will also find endless varieties of bottled beer in the shop, so you know it’s an authentic Belgian experience. While the chocolate itself is to die for, the real beauty of La Belgique Gourmande is the enchanted vibe radiating through the shop that will really stick with you.

7 Chocolatier Burie: Antwerp

If you happen to visit Antwerp during your trip to Belgium, be sure to look out for Burie. According to the Brussels Express, the family that owns Burie originally came from Oostende, but this considered an authentic Antwerp chocolate-making business!

At Burie, it’s not really about an over-the-top shop that Willy Wonka would approve of. It’s all about the quality of the chocolate. In addition to bite-sized chocolates, they also make chocolate statues by hand that are set up in their modest shop, as well as chocolate hands and diamonds.

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6 Maison Pierre Marcolini: Brussels

You simply can’t go to Brussels and not go to Maison Pierre Marcolini. According to The Culture Trip, many believe that this is the very best chocolatier in all of Belgium (and possibly all of Europe), so sampling the chocolate is a rite of passage. It’s Marcolini himself who personally chooses which cocoa beans to roast. He also does the roasting himself, adding his personal touch that has made his brand so successful.

You’ll be able to sample chocolate from all over the world here and try a sea of flavors. The chocolates are also perfectly wrapped, making the perfect gift.

5 The Chocolate Line: Bruges

Now, this is a store that Willy Wonka would approve of! The Chocolate Line by Dominique Persoone is one of the most well-known chocolate brands in Belgium, and with good reason. You can get any sort of chocolate you’re dreaming of here, as they have an eclectic range of flavors that will surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

From their Mexican plantation, the beans are transformed into delicious chocolate in their Bruges factory and then sold in their two impressive stores in Bruges and Antwerp. If you don’t make it to Belgium, you can also buy this delicious chocolate online!

4 Ginkgo Patisserie: Brussels

Ginkgo isn’t strictly a chocolate store, but they do sell chocolate in their patisserie. And the chocolate, from an Ardennes chocolatier known as Deremiens, is definitely worth writing home about. A range of interesting pralines is on offer at the patisserie, which also sells a delectable selection of cakes and pastries. This is definitely not the place to come if you’re trying to watch your waistline!

All the cakes are made on the premises, which is why this small patisserie that hasn’t even been opened for two years already has such a strong following in Brussels.

3 Yuzu: Ghent

Some say that Ghent is the hidden gem of Belgium. While it may receive fewer tourists than its more popular counterparts like Brussels and Bruges, Ghent is blessed with some amazing chocolate boutiques. Yuzu is one of them, and unlike any other chocolate store that you’ll find in Belgium.

As the Brussels Express puts it, Yuzu offers Belgian chocolate with a Japanese twist. This brand isn’t afraid to experiment with new styles while still providing high-quality chocolate that keeps customers coming back. It’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re ever in Ghent!

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2 Bruyerre: Brussels

When a chocolate business has been flourishing for more than a century, you know they’ve mastered the art. Bruyerre opened in 1909 and now sells chocolate in 38 countries around the world. Though you can now get their products in a selection of locations, it all started in Belgium.

One of the elements that make Bruyerre different from other chocolate brands is that they have a three-month shelf life, so you know that whatever chocolate you’re buying is as fresh as can be. They also refrain from using palm oil in their pralines.

1 Wittamer: Brussels

When in Brussels, you can’t go past Wittamer. With a five-star rating on Trip Advisor and a history of pleased customers, it’s no wonder that locals and tourists alike are obsessed with this chocolate boutique that’s located on Place du Grand Sablon—the chocolate-lover’s heaven.

The business has been in the family for three generations, and though they’re not revealing any of their chocolate-making secrets, they are always improving their techniques to make their chocolate even better. Foodies from all over the world venture to Brussels just to get a taste of Wittamer, and they’re never disappointed.

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