Spain and Greece could join France on new 'amber plus' list – meaning fully vaxxed Brits must STILL quarantine

Spain and Greece could join France on new 'amber plus' list – meaning fully vaxxed Brits must STILL quarantine


SPAIN and Greece could soon have new restrictions in place due to rising Covid cases, meaning even fully vaxxed Brits will have to quarantine back in the UK.

It follows the new rules enforced on France, which means double jabbed Brits must still quarantine for 10 days when returning.

Fed- up holidaymakers skulked back from France over the weekend after the last-minute amber list quarantine rule change.

Ministers said they were forced to act quickly late on Friday after concern over the spread of the Beta coronavirus variant in France.

However it is feared that Spain could soon see the same restrictions being enforced and being placed on what has been dubbed the "amber plus list," along with Greece.

Paul Charles, founder of travel consultancy The PC Agency, told the i: "It is now known as an amber plus list, whether they like it or not.

"France is one of the big three countries we visit each year and I think the concern is the Government will be looking at Spain and Greece and potentially add those to the amber plus category."

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Other countries also at risk include Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, according to travel experts.

Spain has seen soaring cases in recent weeks with nearly 44,000 daily new cases on July 13 – the highest ever during the pandemic.

Greece is also reporting a spike in cases with highs of 2,800 daily rates this month, which has led to new curfews and bans on music at restaurants and bars in Mykonos.

Both countries are welcoming UK tourists even if they aren't double jabbed, although they need a negative Covid test pre-arrival.

Brits have already been returning from the Balearic Islands after they were removed from the green list, with the new amber list rules in place from today.

Despite this, many holidaymakers are still heading to the islands and mainland Spain if fully vaccinated, due to the change in rules for people who have had both jabs.

Anyone who has been fully vaccinated can now return from amber list destinations without having to quarantine on their return.

Only a few countries are on the UK's green list, which includes Madeira and Malta.

Bulgaria and Croatia have also been added from today, although Bulgaria has since banned Brits due to the UK's Covid case numbers.

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