Relaxation on the road: 8 luxury hotels with world-class spas

Relaxation on the road: 8 luxury hotels with world-class spas


Despite the exhilaration of exploring, the act of traveling itself can be quite exhausting. And to the road-weary vacationer, business traveler or just about anyone stepping off a long-haul flight, nothing relaxes quite like a proper spa treatment. That’s why most high-end properties invest a small fortune to build world-class spas: They’ve got the full blessing of a captive audience.

Amenities such as a pool, hot tub, sauna, massage treatments, facials – these are all expected nowadays. The places really making a splash, however, are lifting the basic spa into a self-care sanctuary. Here are a few hotels to highlight the next time you’re in need of rejuvenation.

Monteverdi Tuscany, Italy

Perched on a hilltop above the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, Monteverdi’s facade is preserved as a thousand-year-old stone fortress. Hidden within is a contemporary property, styled with all the accoutrement of modern luxury. Under the main level, a stunning take on traditional Turkish baths is burrowed into the building’s original rock foundation. Hammam treatments and bathing rituals are offered throughout the day. In the massage room, positioned to overlook the Tuscan sunset, ancient aromatic oils from Florence are worked into the body. The experience concludes in the Serenity Pool, where a stone archway at water’s edge reveals the surrounding Val d’Orcia in a picture-perfect frame.

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