MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis reveals how to save £200 on your holiday – even if you've already booked it | The Sun

MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis reveals how to save £200 on your holiday – even if you've already booked it | The Sun


MONEYSAVINGEXPERT Marin Lewis has revealed how you can save money on a holiday you have already booked.

The clever tip saved one woman £200 after she tried it out.

The trick, he wrote on the website, was to check if the price of the hotel you have booked has dropped in price.

And if your booking has free cancellations included, you can cancel your stay and rebook with a cheaper price.

Martin Lewis explained: "If the price of your hotel has dropped and your booking allows free cancellation, simply rebook for less.

"Check the latest prices on comparison sites Skyscanner, Kayak, and TripAdvisor – and keep checking before you go.”

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One woman replied how she had used the trick to save money: "I saved £200 when the price dropped two days before travel."

This does come with a risk, however, as some hotels may some cancellation fees, so it is worth checking if the price saving is more than the extra costs.

And cancelling the hotel to rebook comes with a risk that it may be sold out by the time you go to book again.

Another way to save money can also be if the hotel has a price match guarantee – fit they do then you won't need to cancel to get the saving.

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Martin Lewis also revealed other ways to save money on your holiday.

Pricey parking at airports could cost you a small fortune if you don't think ahead, so Martin's advice was to book in advance.

He used the example of Manchester Airport where parking on the day could set holidaymakers back an eye-watering £400 a week.

However, motorists who book in advance only have to splash out £130 for the same length holiday.

Martin said: "Parking at the airport, book ahead. Even if it's on the day.

"Given an example, we found one case where, if you turn up at Manchester Airport and paid there it's £400 for the week. If you had pre-booked that morning, it was £130."

Previously the nation's favourite money-man warned Brits about travel insurance.

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He urged families to book travel insurance as soon as they book the holiday – not just before you go away.

The expert similarly encouraged Brits to be aware that their European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) have expired during Covid.

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