Man embarrasses his girlfriend by refusing to switch seats to sit next to her on a flight – some people are on his side | The Sun

Man embarrasses his girlfriend by refusing to switch seats to sit next to her on a flight – some people are on his side | The Sun


A MAN has been accused of embarrassing his girlfriend after he refused to switch seats so he could sit next to her on a flight.

The passenger had had a stressful morning with his partner on the last day of their holiday and was pleased to see the pair had not been seated together on the plane.

However, his girlfriend managed to convince the person sitting next to her to switch seats so they could sit next to one another for the four hour journey.

Even so, the man refused to budge, saying he just wanted to have "a damn rest".

He took to Reddit to ask other people if he was being unreasonable to refuse the seat switch.

He wrote: "My girlfriend and I decided to take a trip to Ohio for a few days. We got done with our trip and were coming back home by plane.

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"When we woke up she was immediately angry because I accidentally pushed her off the bed lol. Then she started finding things to complain about.

"We got to the airport and she was complaining more, I told her I was tired and to let me rest, and to not talk to me until we got home and she got all mad and complained.

"We had different seats on the plane because the flight was packed and overbooked. I told her it was fine it’s just 4 hours.

"She then came to my seat and told me the woman sitting next to her is willing to trade seats with me.

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"I literally said, 'give me a break' and told her no. She went back crying but I just wanted a damn break.

"When we got home she started crying even more and said I embarrassed her on the flight."

Opinion was split between the more than 2,000 people who reacted to the original post, with some sticking up for the man.

One person felt sympathetic towards his request for a break.

They wrote: "He's annoyed because he's also stuck in an airport, and the complaining is just making it worse. He tells her to stop talking to him since its been hours of complaining at this point.

"He's relieved to be sitting by a stranger who won't talk to him for a few hours."

Another said: "If your partner is upset and needs a bit of space….you gotta let them have it."

However, there was also a lot of support for the man's girlfriend, who many felt deserved to be treated better.

One commented: "No gf should put up with this treatment."

A second simply added: "You are a TERRIBLE boyfriend."

This is not the first time a couple has squabbled over their plane seats, with another man shaming his girlfriend for leaving him in economy while she upgraded her seat.

The abandoned boyfriend was left behind in economy class, while his partner got to make the most of her airline points in a more comfortable seat.

He said it was "messed up" that his partner would desert him for a better chair, especially when it was only in premium economy and not first class.

And if the tables were turned, he insisted he would "never" accept the upgrade.

Plenty of people agreed with the man, saying his partner's behaviour was unacceptable.

One user wrote: "Selfish as hell mate and with something so minor? Yikes."

However, another person argued: "Calling the gf selfish is insane.

"This is such a non-issue in my mind. Your gf doesn’t need to sit next to you every time you fly."

Meanwhile, this man shamed his girlfriend for eating smelly food during a flight.

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