Japanese company is offering virtual reality flights to curb wanderlust

Japanese company is offering virtual reality flights to curb wanderlust


Itching to go travelling again?

You’re not alone. Many of us can’t wait to take to the skies again (and some are even resorting to using their toilet seats to recreate their travelgram).

One Japanese company has had a brainwave to feed people’s wanderlust.

Tokyo-based carrier First Airlines offers two-hour virtual reality ‘flights’ through Japan’s popular sights.

Holidaymakers can experience first-class travel in the mock jetliner cabin where they are served in-flight meals and drinks and can enjoy views of passing clouds.

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Customers can also ‘disembark’ and explore different cities through virtual tours.

There are two types of journeys available: Plan A allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery in Japan while Plan B allows you to learn about Japanese history and culture.

Of course, as the ‘flights’ are based in Tokyo, the option to check the experience out is not open to most of us due to the pandemic (unless you’re already living in the capital).

But it might be one to jot down if you’re in the country as it offers a wide variety of cities and prefectures if you want to experience Japan but don’t have the time or budget.

On the website, First Airlines states: ‘The plan is for customers to enjoy beautiful sceneries of Japan, from superb mountains which change the color from season to season, the sound of a rushing creek, to awe-inspiring and breathtaking shrines and castles.’

There are also three types of meals to choose from; you can opt for a standard freshly-made meal, high-quality plates with seasonal flowers to depict four seasons of Japan, or ‘ichiju sansai’ which includes a soup, one main dish, and two small side dishes.

You can learn more about the VR journeys on the First Airlines website.

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