Is it illegal to take a lighter on a plane? | The Sun

Is it illegal to take a lighter on a plane? | The Sun


PEOPLE who smoke may be wondering if they are able to bring lighters onto a plane with them.

Here is all you need to know about the rules regarding this.

Is it illegal to take a lighter on a plane?

No, it is not illegal to take a lighter on a plane.

Lighters and matches are forbidden on aircrafts in many cases unless carried on your person, and e-cigarettes are completely banned from holding luggage.

According to rules enforced at Gatwick Airport in the UK, you can carry one lighter only on board the aircraft, which must be kept on you throughout the flight.

For any additional lighters, you will be asked to leave them at security.


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Both lighters and e-cigarettes must be included within the liquid allowance and placed inside the one-litre plastic bag for screening.

Once the one-litre bag has been screened, the lighter/e-cigarette must be removed from the plastic bag and carried on your person.  

Other smoking materials including cigarettes and other tobacco products are all allowed in hand baggage. 

The smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere in the terminal or on the flight.

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What types of lighters are allowed on a plane?

Matches and lighters are not allowed in pockets, wallets, or checked-in baggage.

You may take a single butane lighter or a box of safety matches on board the aircraft but only if carried on your person.

Zippo lighters are also allowed as your one-per-person lighter. 

Lighter fuel and lighter refills are forbidden and cannot be taken on a flight.

Premixing burner lighters such as "wind-proof", "jet" or "blue flame" lighters, in which fuel and air are mixed before being supplied for combustion, are also banned.

Strike anywhere matches are not allowed.

Can I carry lighters in my luggage?

Lighters cannot be carried in your baggage.

You can only carry one lighter on board a flight and it must be kept on your person at all times.

You should put it inside a resealable plastic bag (like the ones used for liquids), which you must keep on you throughout the flight.

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You cannot put lighters in your hold luggage or put them in your hand luggage after security screening.

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