Internet divided when 6ft 3inches-tall man stops passenger reclining seat on plane

Internet divided when 6ft 3inches-tall man stops passenger reclining seat on plane


OPINION was split after a 6-ft 3" man stopped the passenger in front of him from reclining their seat during a flight.

Tiktok user Chris, who goes by @chrissw3rve, shared a video showing him sat in a plane seat with his knees pressed up against the chair in front of him.

He wrote: "This man kept trying to lean his seat back as if I'm not 6ft 3", 260lbs", and captioned the video: "Bruh all on my knees".

He then wrote in the comments: "I'm not mad that he was trying to lean his seat back, what I'm saying is I'm too big and tall and my knees don't allow him to lean back."

The video has been watched 370,000 times and viewers were divided, with many saying the other passenger should have been more respectful of Chris.

One person put: "I would never put a seat back on someone – common courtesy."

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Another wrote: "There are so many reasons to not recline and this is one. If you're still feeling privileged, ask for consent at least."

A third put: "Seats shouldn't lay back, end of problem."

However, others were less sympathetic and said that if Chris wanted additional leg room, he should have paid for it.

Someone put: "He bought that seat – it's his to lean back. I know what you're going through, I'm 6-ft 4", but he has every right to lean back."

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Another wrote: "Then you should have bought a seat with more room. He is entitled to lean his seat back."

Someone else added: "So instead of you paying the cost of extra legroom, he has to suffer."

And a fourth put: "So? He paid his fare, that's his seat. If he wants to tilt it back he can."

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