Inside the brand new Star Wars ‘immersive hotel’ opening at Disney World next year – this is what it's like

Inside the brand new Star Wars ‘immersive hotel’ opening at Disney World next year – this is what it's like


THE new Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel is opening at Disney World next year, with it already sold out for the first few months.

Here is everything you can expect from a visit to the new immersive resort experience.

The price

Opening in spring 2022, a two-night "voyage" starts from $4,809 for a double room, or from $6,000 for a family room for four.

However, you will have to wait until July, as it is fully sold out, where prices are closer to £5,230 for double rooms.

The experience

As soon as you enter the hotel, guests are taken to a "launch pod" to be taken to the Galactic Starcruiser ship, also known as the Halcyon.

According to IGN: "Walking into the main room at the heart of the Halcyon, the atrium, feels like walking onto a genuine starship right out of the movies.

"There’s a soft machine hum simulating the sound of the starship engines. All the windows are video screens showing stars, planets, and other ships off in the distance.

"Various beeps and boops sound off as computers and droids do their duties.

"A look toward the bridge shows numerous consoles with glowing buttons and levers, and beyond those is a grand view out into space courtesy of the ship’s massive front windshield."

There will be around 100 to 500 passengers onboard and guests are then sucked into a storyline, and can choose how they interact with actors dressed as characters, although you can bring your own costumes or buy some on the ship.

An example they gave was: "A First Order officer flanked by two Stormtroopers entered the atrium and began a search for the hairiest of Resistance heroes, Chewbacca, who was hiding on the balcony up above.

[Ship mechanic] Sammie told me to create a distraction so Chewbacca could make a break for it, but I wasn’t feeling particularly brave and offered the task to my friend, who lept into action and caught the First Order’s attention (and received a harsh talking-to from the steely officer for it) while myself and a group of other guests created a human wall to cover Chewie’s escape."

They are then told they are "allies of the Resistance," in their part on the storyline – if you had turned Chewbacca in, you could have been part of the First Order instead, before following an in-depth plot to the end.

When you aren't following the storyline, for which it is different for every guest, there are other activities onboard too.

This includes Holo-sabacc, a space video poker, the "climate simulator" to get some fresh air and the highlight being the lightsaber training.

The restaurants

The fully immersive experience doesn't just include the storylines, as it is also throughout the rooms and the restaurants.

Dishes at the Crown of Corellia Dining Room include purple bread with blue bantha butter and blue shrimp, grilled cheese “bubble waffles" and even an "alive" miso-crusted salmon which waves from the plate.

For drinks at the Sublight Lounge cantina bar, there is the Muja Twist, a fruit and vegetable cocktail, and the Hoth Frost where you need to break the ice to drink it.

There are of course some standard dishes such as fried chicken for nervous eaters, but most of the food options are meant to be other-worldly.

The rooms

The cabin rooms are cosy, replicating a space cabin, ranging from double rooms to family rooms with double beds and bunk beds.

All of them have a "window" which is a screen showing what is outside the ship in space.

Make sure not to sleep too long however.

A spokesperson for the hotel warned that “time passes on the Halcyon," – meaning if you could miss an important story part during a nap.

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