I'm a travel expert and I swear by a £1 item for my holidays – but you may look creepy packing it | The Sun

I'm a travel expert and I swear by a £1 item for my holidays – but you may look creepy packing it | The Sun


A FREQUENT traveller has revealed the £1 item she swears by taking on holiday – but admits is it slightly creepy.

Ashley Kosciolek, who writes for the Points Guy, has travelled the world, so has picked up some handy tips along the way.

The strange item she always packs? Duct tape.

While she said she knew it sounded "suspicious," she explained why it works.

She told Express.co.uk: "Two years ago I was travelling home for Thanksgiving and decided to gate-check my hard-sided carry-on luggage.

“When I picked it up at the end of the flight, it was cracked in two places and had a giant hole at the top.

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“Thankfully, I had a roll of duct tape inside so I patched it up for the duration of my trip."

She said it has lots of other uses too, such as attaching paper luggage tags to her suitcases just so they don't get lost.

Ashley even said it is good for "removing lint and mending torn clothing".

You can buy duct tape for as little as £1 from most supermarkets and DIY stores.

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Ashley isn't the only person who swears by the weird item.

TV host Samantha Brown posted a video saying why travelling with duct tape was the ultimate travel hack.

She said it was the "no tech, charge-less travel tool that I especially love for Child (and Pet) proofing," adding it can be used to "tape pointy corners" so they don't hurt their head or taping over plugs.

Lots of people agreed in the comments – one person said: "My husband tapes drapes together so we’re not woken up by sunlight streaming through the hotel windows. Also good for fixing broken suitcases or carry on bags."

Someone else wrote: "To avoid or cover up a blister."

Last month, an image went viral which showed a plane WING being held together by duct tape.

Thankfully, experts said there is nothing to worry about, as it was still safe to fly.

And a mum revealed another kind of tape she packs that keeps her kids distracted during a flight.

We've rounded up some other household items you should always travel with.

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