I'm a security expert and everyone makes the same mistake when checking into a hotel | The Sun

I'm a security expert and everyone makes the same mistake when checking into a hotel | The Sun


A SECURITY expert has revealed how guests can reduce their chances of getting robbed when checking into a hotel.

No one expects to get robbed in their hotels, but it does happen. And there are a few things people do that could increase their chances of being victims.

Brian Moore, director of Global Security Accreditation and former director general of UK Border Force knows a few things about staying safe and secure when out and about.

He has shared a couple of tips with Brits to make sure their holidays aren't ruined by simple mistakes.

Firstly, he told Express that people should always make themselves known to staff when arriving at the hotel.

He said that could put any potential criminals off.

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Brian said: “Make yourself known to staff as soon as you enter with a simple smile, wave or hello.

“This could potentially deter any criminals as they know staff are aware of your presence.”

Furthermore, Brian said that one of the biggest mistakes people make on holiday is getting drunk.

He said that could make people seem much more vulnerable and a softer target for thieves.

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He continued: “While it may be tempting to let loose on holiday, try not to get intoxicated. Criminals will clock you are vulnerable and be more likely to target you.”

There are other mistakes hotel guests make that could leave them more susceptible to crime. One of them is using the hotel safe.

Resetting the code on the safe is a lot simpler than people may realise, according to a video shared by Tiktoker Daniella Álvarez (@alvarezdanielaa).

The footage shows Daniella's partner explaining how easy it is to make the door open, even if you don't know the secret code that has been set by those staying in the room.

In the video he says: "Guys, this is gonna blow your mind. It's super shocking."

He then reveals that by tapping the 'lock' button twice, guests are able to reset the code, by putting in the "supercode" which he says is 000000.

He continues: "Let's say I forgot my code. So what am I supposed to do?

"I could call reception, but no, all I need to do is double tap the 'lock' button, then enter zero six times.

"This is a supercode and it overwrites everything.

"I bet you in 99% of all the hotel safes in the world, this is going to work."

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