I’m a flight attendant – here is the REAL reason why air con is so important on flights | The Sun

I’m a flight attendant – here is the REAL reason why air con is so important on flights | The Sun


A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the real reason that air con is so important on planes.

Marika Mikusova explained the behind-the-scenes secrets of air travel in her new book The Diary of a Flight Attendant.

The Czech jet-setter urged passengers to wrap up warm for flights as, wherever you go, the aircraft will always be air-conditioned.

She told The Mirror: "Whether you're flying to Mauritius or Norway, always dress the same way on board – warm and comfortable.

"While us flight attendants enjoy seeing well-developed biceps and calves, it will take its toll on you during the flight.

"Every plane is air-conditioned. It has to be, or you might faint while suddenly getting up from your seat after sitting for a few hours."


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Given the large number of passengers on most modern flights and the heat generated by jet engines, air con is key in preventing travellers from overheating.

Sitting in a hot plane for long periods could cause heat syncope when you stand up.

This is where the heat causes your blood vessels to expand and getting up leads to a rush of blood to the legs and away from the head, resulting in dizziness or fainting.

However, that wasn't Marika's only top travel tip to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

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She had a warning for passengers who like to kick off their shoes as they take to the air.

The flight expert explained: "If you want to move around the deck without shoes – first, thank you for mopping the floor in the lavatory, second, bring a spare pair of socks.

"When you land, you'll probably want to throw the old ones away.

"At this point, your socks have already got their own ecosystem, and their residents may have already elected their mayor."

Finally, she added that passengers should wear comfy shoes and avoid high heels, as they can tear life rafts and emergency slides.

It comes after another flight attendant revealed the most annoying thing that people do on planes – and it actually happens before take-off.

Meanwhile, a third explained the silly error that passengers always make with their cabin baggage.

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