I'm a flight attendant and there are two reasons why we ask you to open your window blind during take-off and landing | The Sun

I'm a flight attendant and there are two reasons why we ask you to open your window blind during take-off and landing | The Sun


A FLIGHT attendant has explained why they always make you open your window blinds during take off and landing.

During an emergency, there are two reasons why it needs to be open for your safety.

Writing on Reddit, they explained: "In addition [to the window blinds] we always turn off the lights in the cabin at this time.

"This is so that the human eye can get used to the level of light outside the cabin.

"In case of an emergency situation and an urgent need to leave the cabin, it is very important that the person can immediately orient himself to his surroundings outside the plane and not wait for his eyes to become accustomed to bright light or darkness."

Captain Dave Thomas, British Airways' head of flight and technical training, previously backed this up as well.

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He said: "This is actually required by regulation so you get accustomed to the amount of light outside the aircraft if you ever had to disembark in a hurry.

"This is the sort of 'just in case' approach we take to the safety of our customers to ensure flying is as safe as we can possibly make it."

That's not the only reason either – it is also so you can see any external risks during an emergency as well.

Another flight attendant said: "It is so that if an evacuation is needed the flight attendants are more easily able to assess the conditions outside of the aircraft to determine in an exit is usable."

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There is also a rather strange reason why all the plane windows are round.

They never used to be – back when they were square, they were attributed to being behind two plane crashes

The sharp corners of the windows put the surrounding metal under extra stress in high altitudes with as much as two or three times more than other places on the plane.

This caused the planes to break up mid-air.

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You may have also spotted some tiny holes in the plane window – we've explained what these are really for.

Don't ever lean on the plane window though as experts have found that it is it dirtiest place on the flight.

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