I'm a chef and this is how to make your plane food always taste better on a flight

I'm a chef and this is how to make your plane food always taste better on a flight


A CHEF has revealed her top trick on how to make plane food taste better during a flight.

Nina Compton – a chef at Compère Lapin and Bywater American Bistro in New Orleans  – said that spicy sauce and rock salt are essential travel condiments.

She said she carries a "little container of flaked salt and a miniature bottle of hot sauce" on every flight to add to her plane food, according to Traveller.com.

However, the chef explained that the seasoning provided by the flight crew can also work, with many offering salt and pepper with the meals.

She isn't the only chef to swear by this – Michelin star chef Jason Atherton said his celeb pal Jude Law also swore by this.

He said: “It was Law who told me to always take Tabasco on a plane – airplane food is always bland, so it’s great to give it kick.

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“I just try my hardest not to eat on planes, I can normally do it up to about 12 hours [but] If I go to Australia, I have to eat because it’s 24 hours on a plane for me.

“I just eat the protein, drowned in Tabasco, which tastes OK — well, it tastes of Tabasco, to be honest.”

Chef Nina also revealed that packing some protein-packed nut products to snack on can satisfy hunger for a longer period of time than other options.

Anything from cashews to nut-rich bars should do the trick.

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Other chefs recommend creating your own trail mix and adding a personal touch.

If you prefer a blend of sweet and salty treats, then mixing dried fruit, chocolate chips, seeds and nuts will provide you with plenty of sugar and protein for sustenance.

Other travel hacks include taking an empty water bottle to fill up at a water station once past security checks.

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