I paid £1,500 for Subway sandwich thanks to a little-known rule – don’t make the same mistake I did | The Sun

I paid £1,500 for Subway sandwich thanks to a little-known rule – don’t make the same mistake I did | The Sun


A TIKTOKER has urged others not to make the same mistake she did after a Subway sandwich ended up costing her more than £1,500.

Jessica Lee, 19, said she was hit with an eye-watering fine for failing to declare two ingredients to customs officers after landing back in Australia from a trip to Europe.

She posted a viral TikTok video flipping both middle fingers at the Australian government.

Jessica said: "I just basically paid $2,600 for my Subway."

She explained she bought a foot-long sub on a stopover at Singapore airport "because I was a hungry girl after my 11-hour flight."

She said she ate half, and saved the rest for her second flight to Perth.

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The flight crew were "more than happy" with her taking it on board.

But she ended up not eating the second half, and did not realise she had to include it when she filled in her customs declaration.

She said: “I didn’t tick chicken and I didn’t tick lettuce. Chicken and lettuce.

“And that is a nice little $2,664… to be paid in 28 days.

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"I quit my job before this trip. I have rent to pay.”

She added: "I am very aware this is my mistake and I do take ownership, I am paying the fine.

"Don’t copy my expensive mistakes."

A follow-up video shows a close-up of her paperwork issued at Perth airport on July 1, showing she was hit with 12 penalty units totalling $2,664 (£1,515).

Some viewers were less than sympathetic.

One said: “Unfortunately that’s what happens when you break the law.

“This is how Australia is protected against pests and disease. It’s simple, just tick yes.”

Other said Jessica should dispute the massive fine.

One said: "Babe I definitely think you could contest this… I’ve definitely travelled so many times with food for personal consumption on the plane."

Another said: "Yet they let international visitors off with a warning on border security with bags of fish and nuts and seeds etc."

Jessica replied: "They told me it was because there’s a language barrier between them but because I speak perfect English I can get the fine."

Harsh penalties

Australia has tough biosecurity laws to stop alien plants, animals and diseases getting in.

Travellers are required to tick boxes on forms if they are carrying food, which will be assessed by border staff.

They also have the option to dispose of food in special bins at the terminal before customs.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry said: “Our biosecurity system works both at the border and here at home to prevent and respond to the arrival and spread of harmful pests and diseases.

“Those pests and diseases could disrupt our agricultural industries, our natural environment and our national economy.

“Food and ingredients that have not met our biosecurity standards (or cannot be shown to have met them) are common and high-risk pathways for these threats.”

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