How switching plane seats in the air could cost you dearly | The Sun

How switching plane seats in the air could cost you dearly | The Sun


WE'RE all familiar with the feeling of being sat on a plane, only to see a better seat with no one in it elsewhere in the cabin.

While some flight attendants might simply let you move into the vacant spot, with others it could cost you.

It depends which airline you're flying with and which seat it is you're trying to move to, but it could leave you out of pocket.

The good news is, if you're in economy and are simply moving into a similar seat elsewhere on the aircraft, you should be okay.

However, if your aim is to move to seats with extra legroom, or in a different cabin, you will have to fork out for the pleasure.

A spokesperson from airline Emirates explained that passengers who try and switch seats to a more comfortable option once the plane has taken off, should expect a fee.

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They told Stuff NZ: “Voluntary seat changes on originally booked flights are allowed free of charge for seats of the same or lower value and by paying the difference for seats of higher value."

Whether or not you're moving to a seat of equivalent value or a more expensive one, you should inform your flight attendants either way.

Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant said: "You should tell us if you are swapping seats before take off.

"There are things like weight distribution for us to consider and moving around the plane can be dangerous at the start of the flight, so it's always best to check with your cabin crew if it's okay first.

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"We might tell you that you have to wait until we're in the air, once we're cruising it doesn't really matter where you sit, but for take off, it's best to have you in the seat you were allocated."

Most airlines offer passengers the chance to pay extra in advance to make sure that they won't need to move seats once they're on board, especially for seats with more legroom.

However, Australian airline Qantas also offer passengers the chance to make sure they're not sitting next to anyone else.

The “Neighbour Free" seating option permits passengers in economy class to pay a fee of around £17-£38 in order to keep the seat next to them empty.

Anyone who has booked a seat on a flight that isn't full 48 hours before it is due to take off will receive an email offering them the opportunity to pay to keep the seat next to them spare.

Should the plane then fill up with late bookings, passengers will be refunded.

Meanwhile, choosing certain seats could also increase your chances of having an empty row.

And this man has a creepy method for trying to stop people sitting next to him on flights.

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