Harry Potter fans will love London’s new Instagram-friendly exhibition

Harry Potter fans will love London’s new Instagram-friendly exhibition


Butterbeer? Broomsticks? Behind-the-scenes photos? The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition is coming to London, and it’s a must for fans.

Accio, Harry Potter fans – we have some magical news for you. Now that London is reopening, there are lots of exciting things for us to book tickets for again, and the new Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition is one of them.

Yep, this new exhibition is opening its doors in Covent Garden, and it sounds like something any Potter-head (that’s most of us, right) will want to check out. 

Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition promises to take guests on a journey through the memories of the 10 years spent creating the franchise’s filmmaking magic, using a display of behind-the-scenes images that have never been seen before in one place.

Housing hundreds of iconic photographs, the exhibition will take fans behind the camera during key moments in the film series, from Harry’s first journey from Platform 9 ¾ through to the Battle of Hogwarts from the final film in the series.

And the best part is that there are plenty of opportunities to take brilliant photos of your own.

Guests will be invited to put on a Hogwarts robe and strike a pose in a number of green screen photo opportunities. This includes riding a broomstick over London and pulling a serious face for a Ministry of Magic Identification Card. Souvenir photos and videos of these adventures will be available to purchase in a variety of packages.

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition will be home to London’s only Butterbeer Bar.

The site will also be home to London’s only bottled Butterbeer Bar. The surprisingly delicious soft drink features a new take on the butterscotch flavour fans know and love. Fans can order a souvenir tankard to enjoy while sitting on one of the bar’s Butterbeer barrels or take a bottle away to enjoy at home.

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition, including the bottled Butterbeer Bar, will open to fans on 12 July. Tickets are available to purchase on the official website now and must be booked in advance.

Images: Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

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