Flight attendant reveals 2 unusual items she swears by when staying in a hotel

Flight attendant reveals 2 unusual items she swears by when staying in a hotel


THERE are lots of travel essentials you need when you're staying in a hotel – such as clean underwear, a toothbrush and a change of clothes.

But one flight attendant has revealed two very unusual items that she swears by when she spends the night in a hotel.

Tiktok user @flightbae.b shared a video listing all the things she packs when she is on a layover.

Among common items like lipstick and eyeshadow, she said she never spends the night away without a portable oven.

She explained that taking a mini oven to a hotel with you ensures that you can have a hot meal no matter what time you arrive.

In the video, she said: "I always bring this portable mini oven with me – this allows me to have a hot meal no matter where I am in the world."

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She advised travellers to get a portable oven that has an adapter that fits into a wall, as some ovens have car adapters which will be useless if you're in a hotel room.

She said: "Select the one that does have a plug into the wall and not the car and know that it's going to be a reliable food source for you."

The other unusual item she said she always packs was a handheld blender.

She said: "The next thing I bring with me is a portable blender which allows me to have all my fruits and veggies on the go."

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She always takes a mini oven with her so she can have a hot meal no matter where she is

The video has been watched more than 14,000 times and viewers were impressed with the oven idea.

One person wrote: "That's so cool", and someone else put: "I love it".

Another flight attendant commented saying they also carry a portable oven and blender with them when they travel.

They wrote: "Literally your bag looks the same as mine minus the lipstick."

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