First look at the biggest play structure in the WORLD that celebrates Christmas all year – opening in England next year | The Sun

First look at the biggest play structure in the WORLD that celebrates Christmas all year – opening in England next year | The Sun


THE BIGGEST play structure in the world is opening in the UK next year – and it celebrates Christmas all year round.

The £15million project, Lilidorei, will be a fairytale wonderland that kids will love.

Creatures such as elves, dwarves, pixies and fairies will be scattered throughout their nine clan houses at the attraction.

Across the 40-acre land in the Alnwick Gardens, there will also be fairy grottos, goblin lairs and huge slides to go down.

There will also be a stall for food and drink, such as hot chocolates.

The project was designed by the Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, who also developed Alnwick Gardens which is known for being a film location for the Harry Potter films.

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Jane, 63, previously told the Telegraph: "One of my real bugbears is how badly people do Christmas in the UK. It's tacky. It's not cheap.

“For parents, all we want for our children is to give them an experience at Christmas, for which they would probably pay almost anything. That's really beautiful.

"Lilidorei turns all this upside down. It exists and it is captivating. We cannot wait to open the doors to Lilidorei and release the magic."

The attraction, which will be open 365 days a year, will launch in Northumberland in spring 2023.

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There will be treehouses and climbing areasCredit: Lillidorei
The park has been designed by the Duchess of NorthumberlandCredit: Lillidorei
The attraction will encourage kids to leave their technology to playCredit: Lillidorei

Prices are yet to be revealed but parents can pay for a £75 annual pass that lets kids visit every day.

There will also be Free Fridays so kids can visit during term times on school trips.

Until then, you can take your kids to another woodland theme park in the UK called Bewilderwood.

The park is known for avoiding loud rides and technology – inside are 10 huge structures, including an eight-metre-high treetop ride called the Sky Maze, as well as climbing walls, mazes, zip lines and rope walks.

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There is also a fairytale gingerbread house you can rent for the night in the UK for just £33 each a night.

Or head to the Netherlands to the fairy-tale theme park Efteling, which is just a few hours' drive from Calais.

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