Brett Eldredge Releases 'Good Day' Music Video After 'Searching to Find Positivity in My Life'

Brett Eldredge Releases 'Good Day' Music Video After 'Searching to Find Positivity in My Life'


Brett Eldredge released his "Good Day" music video on Friday, and he wants viewers to experience a burst of uplifting energy after tuning in.

“I wrote this song when I was searching to find positivity in my life instead of focusing on a day being dark and stormy and your emotions being in a tough spot," the country singer, 34, tells PEOPLE. "I make the decision to have a good day, even in the darkness, and that awareness gives me a better outlook on life."

Eldredge wants his new song to help listeners see the good in any situation, even when faced with challenges. "'Good Day' brings me a lot of optimism in tough times and I hope it can do the same for others," he says.

The sweet music video, which features submissions from fans nationwide, also gives thanks to healthcare workers who are on the frontlines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

During his time away from music, he turned his attention to personal growth. "I wanted to take the time to connect with myself and really figure out who I am and what I want to say. What I want to do with my life, and that kind of ties into what I want to say in my music," he added.

"I made a promise to myself to push outside [of] my comfort zones in life," Eldredge told PEOPLE. "If I wanted to make a really important record for myself — and hopefully for my fans — I wasn't going to come back into the public eye until I thought I had something very important to say, and it’s going to mean something. That was much easier said than done."

Also in April, the soulful singer released his track "Where the Heart Is." He recently delivered a moving performance of the tune, singing at home due to the health crisis. He shared a video from his May, one-man show on his Instagram.

"This time in our lives is so damn insane… it makes ya feel down. It makes ya feel like hope is dwindling by the second… But you know what, we’ve made it through tough s— before, and like this, we will again," he wrote in the caption. "We gotta dig down deep and lean on each other… Stand your ground, know your inner goodness, call a friend, allow yourself to be scared, but also allow yourself to be optimistic… I don’t have it figured out anymore than you, but I can guarantee ya one thing, if we keep fighting as one, we will win… So will ya show me 'Where the Heart Is?'"

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