Author Howard Jacobson recalls his travel adventures

Author Howard Jacobson recalls his travel adventures


Author Howard Jacobson recalls his travel adventures, revealing how he was nearly shot by a cop in New Mexico (and nearly shot again when he revealed he was English)

Howard Jacobson checks into our travel Q&A

This week author Howard Jacobson checks into our travel Q&A.

He reveals his how he was nearly shot in New Mexico, his dream destination, and more… 

Can’t go without?

A support belt for my back, lozenges for when my voice gives out, and blood thinners for when my heart gives out.

Fallen foul of the law on your travels? 

I was nearly shot on a road in New Mexico when I made the mistake of getting out of the car to see why a cop was following me. 

‘I’m English,’ I explained. ‘We’re polite over there.’ 

He nearly shot me a second time.

Dream destination?

Howard reveals that his dream destination is Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast (pictured)

Positano, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. But those hairpin bends terrify me.

What’s your earliest holiday memory? 

Middleton Towers Holiday Camp in Morecambe with my parents. I sulked the whole week. My father entered me into a Just William competition. I came last.

First trip abroad? 

Barcelona with the school when I was 14. I fell in love with paella, churros, Gaudi and a girl I met at a bullfight. Nothing came of the romance, but I still love paella, churros and Gaudi.

Did you enjoy living down under? 

Jacobson was based in Sydney for a number of years and said it was ‘paradisal’ 

Yes, I lectured at Sydney University in the mid-1960s. After growing up in wet Manchester, the bright heat of Sydney was paradisal. I took a flat overlooking the harbour, watched the Opera House go up, and went to work on a ferry.

Where next?

I’m off to Rhodes, in Greece, to dine to the music of a bouzouki under the Acropolis at Lindos.

  • Howard Jacobson’s Mother’s Boy: A Writer’s Beginnings has just been published by Jonathan Cape.

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