A couple bought a converted sprinter van for $40,000 to travel across the US. Take a look inside the tiny home, which doubles as their office.

A couple bought a converted sprinter van for $40,000 to travel across the US. Take a look inside the tiny home, which doubles as their office.



  • Most people downsize when they move into a van, but after four years of travel to more than 100 countries, Kara and Nate Buchanan told Insider that they were thrilled to upgrade from a suitcase.
  • The couple bought a converted sprinter van in March to travel across the US during the pandemic.
  • They wanted to be self-sufficient so they bought a van that included a shower, a toilet, a bed, a workspace.
  • When renovating the van to suit their needs, Kara and Nate added a coffee station and a charging safe for their electronics.
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Kara and Nate Buchanan, a couple from Nashville, Tennesee, visited 100 countries before the coronavirus pandemic, documenting their travels on YouTube — but they hadn't seen much of the US.

"We always figured we could do it when we're old," Nate told Insider in March. But with international travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the duo found a way to keep traveling: They bought a converted sprinter van to drive around their home country. 

The Buchanans live and work in their van, which has a bed that transforms into a workspace. 

Kara and Nate Buchanan spent the last four years traveling the world, but international travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic led them to van life in the US.

"We wanted the opportunity to continue traveling in a safe and responsible way," Nate told Insider. The couple purchased a converted sprinter van for their travels.

Kara and Nate began their journey in Tennessee. From there, they traveled to Colorado and continued west.

The van has a convertible bed and workspace.

This means that it transforms from a bed to a table with seats.

Kara and Nate told Insider that they use the table for working and eating meals.

Aside from being full-time van lifers, Kara and Nate are bloggers so they spend a lot of time on their laptops.

To make videos for their YouTube channel, the couple uses a lot of electronics. That's why they converted this closet …

… into a safe and charging station for their gadgets.

Kara told Insider that this is the biggest change they made to the van to fit their lifestyle. The van was already converted into living space when they purchased it.

Instead of a closet, Kara and Nate keep their clothes in cabinets and drawers.

The couple said they don't mind this since they're used to living out of suitcases.

The van also has a kitchen, complete with a faucet, a stovetop, and a refrigerator.

Kara said that she and Nate don't cook often because they like to try takeout at local restaurants, but she often makes smoothies.

The couple said that they want to be completely self-sufficient during the pandemic. That's why they got a van with a shower and a toilet in it.

Just past the bathroom towards the bed and workspace, there's a little coffee station. When they purchased the van, it was a TV nook.

Around the back of the van, the doors swing open to reveal more storage space for various small items.

While the couple said they're excited to get back to international travel after the pandemic, the experience has forced them to see more of their home country.

"It took taking away international travel to get us here, but I don't know if I'm sad that it happened, Nate said.

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