7 Clever Pool Pics To Take For Instagram That’ll Glow On Your Gorgeous Feed

7 Clever Pool Pics To Take For Instagram That’ll Glow On Your Gorgeous Feed


To your loyal followers, you’re the queen of all things related to social media. You’re the person behind the most creative, adventurous, and inspiring account on their favorite app. You’re the summer-loving soul who’s always posting selfies that were taken at golden hour or from the boardwalk that stretches along the beach. Most importantly, you’re the real and genuine person they trust, connect with, and learn from on the reg. With every like, comment, and tap of the "share" button, you teach your community how to live their #bestlife and stretch their imagination. Now it’s time for me to return the favor for them, and give you some clever pool pics to take for Instagram that’ll glow on your already gorgeous feed.

Does that sound like something you’re interested in? I have lots of ideas bouncing around in my artsy brain, and I don’t want them to go to waste. Because, although I love having photo shoots with my besties and spending my weekends with my digital camera, I don’t always have the time and energy to recreate these images myself.

The empty spots in my planner get taken over by coffee dates, articles, and aimless scrolling on my phone. The "real world" reminds me that I need to clean my apartment or take a much-needed nap. TBH, that’s OK. You can take these seven clever pool pics, and I’ll toss you a double-tap from my side of the screen.

1. The "Do Not Disturb Mode" Picture

The first of these clever pool pics is what I like to call the "do not disturb mode" picture. Essentially, it requires you to show the world you’re letting all of your stress and worries slip away.

To recreate it, start by laying next to the pool in your favorite summer outfit or bathing suit. Grab a few props like a coconut that’s filled with a freshly-made smoothie, a watermelon, or a couple of flip flops to put beside you. Then, have your bestie capture a pic from above. A beachy hat, a pair of sunnies, or a palm leaf will be required.

2. The "Feelin’ Peachy When I’m Poolside" Picture

Let’s be honest: Selfies get a total upgrade in the summertime. The lighting near the pool is always picturesque, and your smile radiates with the sun beams. I think it’s time you put that magic on Instagram and showed your followers how peachy you feel when you’re poolside.

So, pose for the camera along the edge of the pool you’re taking a dip in, and add a non-candid shot to your feed. Edit it with some of the best preset packs of the season, and throw a caption on it like, "Peace, love, and chilling by the pool."

3. The "Serving Looks By The Pool" Picture

One of my favorite parts of going to the pool is picking out my outfit. I typically spend at least an hour or so the night before, rummaging through my drawers and finding a bathing suit and cover-up that’ll be comfortable and cute. I track down earrings and other accessories that’ll complement my look, and bring out the inner influencer in me.

Can you say, "Same?" Of course. That’s why you need to take and post a picture of your fashion-forward details this summer. You need to give your followers a glimpse of your palm tree-printed pants and the colorful drink in your hand. Got it? Good.

4. The "Gone Snacking And Swimming" Picture

You and your besties know an afternoon spent by the pool wouldn’t be complete without a few snacks. So, you plan accordingly in your group chat, and make sure everybody brings an item that’s refreshing, salty, or super sweet.

When you all arrive, you lay out these snacks on a towel, along with some plates and silverware for serving. You admire the colorful spread of tortilla chips, guacamole, and grapefruit slices and think, "We should get a picture of this before we dig in." I couldn’t agree more. Just do yourself a favor and put a corner of the pool into the frame for the most gorgeous shot for the ‘Gram, OK?

5. The "My Toes Are Taking A Dip" Picture

Your biggest priority in the summer is keeping cool. But, it’s not always easy to do so, even if there are ice cream trucks on every single block. If you live in the city, you deal with the sticky subways and struggling air conditioners on the reg. If you live near the water, you typically have to face the beach crowds.

The pool is your happy place and the one spot where you can take a dip and not have to deal. It’s where you can stick your toes in a body of water and wind down. Why not capture that for the ‘Gram?

6. The "Find Me On A Pool Float" Picture

Arguably the trendiest pool pic you can get this summer is with the float you recently bought and totally love. It’s shaped like a flamingo, doughnut, or avocado. It’s a prop that’ll glow brighter than the sun on your social media accounts.

Sure, at first, taking this kind of pic may feel a little cliché and overrated. Colorful and unique pool floats have been on the scene for quite some time now. But, if you throw your hands up in the air or send a smooch toward the screen, you’ll absolutely rack in the likes.

7. The "Anything But The Pool" Picture

Sometimes, the most inspiring shots on your feed are simple and include everything but what your followers would expect them to. They might focus on the rings you’re wearing, as opposed to your entire outfit, or the corner of a pastel-colored building, instead of the whole skyline. It keeps your profile super interesting and your followers coming back for more #content.

Approach your summer pool pics with the same mindset. Let your imagination wander, and fill your camera roll with shots of the scenery and little details around you. Show off your colorful salad, your phone, or the lounge chair you’re going to lay in all day. That’s what the queen of social media would do.

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