You’ve been cooking bacon wrong – foodie’s twist method gets rashers so crispy

You’ve been cooking bacon wrong – foodie’s twist method gets rashers so crispy


A woman has shared a bacon cooking hack that left viewers raving about its crispy and chewy texture.

The food trend sprung up on TikTok – with many trying the "twisted bacon" technique that was started by Abby Durlewanger, who runs the account @houseofketo.

One food lover, who lives in New Jersey, US, showed her fans how easy and simple it can be done.

In a clip posted on her account @ketoaccountable, she removes the cured pork strip from the package and holds it vertically.

Then she twists it around her finger from top to below and lines them one by one in a baking tray.

She repeats the steps until she's got all of the bacon in separate coils.

Then she puts them into the oven to bake for 50 minutes at 200C.

The pork strips come out sizzling in the tray and it's so crispy that she can break it in half without using a knife.

Abby previously explained in her original video: "You can make it tight or loose. If you make it really loose, it's going to be more chewy.

"If you make it tight, it'll be crispy."

Thousands of TikTok users have tried it out and even seasoned it with different spices. Some of them made them sweet while others liked them savoury.

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One viewer said: "Love this! I'm awful at cooking bacon – definitely going to try!"

Another who has tried on the recipe called it a "neat idea", adding: "OK I tried this and it's so good and it didn't smoke up the house like fixing it on top of the stove."

But one joked that he won't try it because it looked like "dog treat".

Foodies suggested to serve the bacon "straws" in breakfast or Sunday roast, or even enjoy them "on its own".

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