You Have To See All Of ‘Bachelorette’ Star Mike’s Dreamy Modeling Pics

You Have To See All Of ‘Bachelorette’ Star Mike’s Dreamy Modeling Pics


It didn’t take long for Mike from Hannah B.’s Bachelorette season to become a fan favorite, or for fans to start calling for him to become the next Bachelor. But while he’d certainly be perfect for that job, we can’t be sure of his fate just yet, or if after The Bachelorette, Mike would even want to go back on the show. He could have a happy ending with Hannah — or he could end up getting his heart broken.

Mike is still obviously sworn to secrecy as to how far he makes it with Hannah, but they have a pretty good rapport so far, and there are plenty of other guys creating drama for our leading lady who are hopefully going to be out the door ahead of him.

Mike has already proven that he can have fun, as evidenced when he threw those heels on with the drag queens during the Mr. Right pageant group date. And he’s also proven that he can work through the highs and lows of life, like when he talked to Hannah about the miscarriage his ex-partner experienced, and how he’s grown from that.

Mike could be around for the long haul, or things might not go his way. Whatever the case may be, here’s what we know about what he’s doing now that the ABC cameras are off.

He’s Posing For Very Dapper Photo Shoots

If Mike wasn’t already modeling before the show, he certainly seems to be now. His Instagram feed is filled with dapper photos.

He’s Reminiscing About His ‘Bachelorette’ Days

As he watches the show with the rest of us, Mike has been lending plenty of insider commentary.

He’s Traveling To Mexico…

Is Hannah on that plane? Or waiting for him on the beach?

… And Disneyland

Was this a date, perhaps?

Unfortunately these few post are kind of all we have to go on. Mike isn’t avidly sharing any of his personal life post-Bachelorette, as per usual with contestants whose fates haven’t yet been revealed. His Instagram leaves a few hints, but he doesn’t appear to have a Twitter to scour.

It’s possible Mike is just tied up with work — he is a financial portfolio manager after all, and previously raised money for local nonprofits and charities. He also has tons of volunteer work under his belt, and was a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. So regardless of what happened with Hannah, Mike is probably keeping busy, especially with his newfound fame.

Mike has honestly been a dream this season. He’s been one of the more outspoken contestants in the group, always calling out other men’s issues and looking out for Hannah. But he’s managed to do so without seeming unnecessarily antagonistic or bizarrely angry (looking at you, Luke P.), and it’s so refreshing. He seems like a bona fide grown-up, which can be kind of hard to come by on this show these days. So Hannah, please give him the attention he deserves — he seems like a real winner. And if he isn’t destined to be Mr. Hannah Brown, hopefully he gets another shot at love — next time as the lead.

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