Woman’s ‘hack’ to make boyfriend go on snack run ‘works every time’

Woman’s ‘hack’ to make boyfriend go on snack run ‘works every time’

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    A woman's 'life hack' that makes her boyfriend to get her snacks from the shop has left viewers howling.

    Jodie Hall, who posts online as @jodiehallxxx, claims she gets her boyfriend to go to the shop for her by telling him she will time him – and it supposedly works every time.

    In a viral clip, which has gained more than 109,000 likes, she demonstrated her fool-proof plan in action as she filmed her boyfriend rushing out the door to break his personal record.

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    "When he says no to going to the shop, but you say you'll time him. Works every time," she wrote.

    He then returned, snacks in hand, and asked how long it took him. She replied: "Three and a half minutes."

    "Wow, that's quick," he said, still trying to catch his breath from his speedy snack run.

    TikTok viewers found the clip hysterical and took to the comments praising her for sharing the hack with them.

    One user wrote: "The fact this would work on me as well."

    Another added: "You need to keep the previous times so he can track his progress."

    A third commented: "3 minutes!? Is the shop in your garden?"

    "That is impressive I take 3 minutes to decide what drink I want," a fourth wrote.

    The news comes after an Asda shopper revealed a hack to make paying for your groceries a whole lot easier – and people were impressed.

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