Woman suffers epic tattoo fail as dream design looks just like fridge logo

Woman suffers epic tattoo fail as dream design looks just like fridge logo


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A woman was stunned after finding out her dream tattoo looks a lot like her fridge logo.

TikTok user Phoebe showed her wave-like inkling on her wrist before she explained where the inspiration had come from.

In the video, she says via a voiceover: "A year ago today I got this tattoo.

"I love it so much. I wanted to get it for literally years and I’d draw it on my wrist and dream of the day I had it.

"I realise now where I got the idea from."

As she opens the fridge door, she shows the near-identical design on at least three shelves.

"It’s the design from the inside of the fridge we’ve had for basically my whole life," she revealed.


The clip, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times, left people in stitches over the similarity of the design.

One said: "You and that fridge are bonded for life."

Another joked: "That’s actually really cute, you’ve got your childhood house with you forever now."

Some shared their similar misfortunes, with one explaining: "Oh my God I did the same after I got my floral anklet I realised the plants I requested are the exact ones on all of our plates I’ve had my whole life."

Meanwhile, a woman who has 95% of her body covered in ink showed off a stunning transformation when she covered them in layers of thick makeup.

Mum Becky Holt, who is branded Britain's most tattooed woman, has calligraphy on her forehead, geometric designs across her chest and colourful inkings that travel all the way down her legs.

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